Malissa Nelson

Freelance Creative Writer & Article Writer

Location:Hyattsville, Maryland, United States
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My name is Malissa Nelson and I am a singer, stay at home mom ,and a person who enjoys writing. I love to write and discuss the current issues of the day. My writing comes from within my heart and soul. It comes from a place of curiosity and also a place of hope. I write about the things that some people are afraid to discuss. I also write about the subject matters that provoke thought and interest.

The goal in my writing is to make you think. It is to inspire you and to give you a different and unique perspective on life and on the world. It is with words that are written that we are able to see ourselves in a different light and also able to change our perspectives about any and everything that we may discover in life. When you read my writing and see the world through this author's eyes it is my hope that you can discover somethings that you never knew about the world and yourself. And that when that"aha" moment comes for you that you let it enrich your life.
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