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Juan Pablo

Freelance Screenwriter & Article Writer

Location:Boise, Idaho, United States
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My name is Juan Pablo Hernandez. I’m a writer from a small town in Idaho and recently, I finished a novel.
I had all these thoughts in my head about receiving a Pulitzer, mingling with power players in the industry and glad handing with the president. We would talk about what an impact my book had on so many people and how it moved the nation. But, I guess everyone has those delusions of grandeur when they’re writing their first big projects. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. I was able to see my project for what it really was. Not a gift to a nation. Not a tool for uplifting people. Not a way for people to pleasantly lose themselves in a different world for a few hours.
It wasn’t any of those things. It was for me. It was my degree in writing. A curriculum that I put together myself, where I addressed my weaknesses and learned the pains of story structure… One difficult rewrite after another.
Before all that, I was going to school for chemistry, biology, biochemistry & math. Calculating fluid dynamics, pondering the manipulation of circuits and mechanics, although fun to work on paper, I couldn’t have hated it more in practice.
So a day came when I decided to trade in the complexities of mixing chemicals in the lab, for the simplicities of a pen and some parchment. And, I’ve been doing it ever since.
Just the other day I submitted my first screenplay to the Nicholl’s fellowship. Now, I’m working on my second screen play, writing weekly online articles for a Boise magazine and writing print articles for their quarterly magazine. I would say they pay peanuts but that wouldn't be fair to peanuts.
I’m just a writer who wants to write. I research what I work on. I’ve never missed a deadline. When I say I’m going to deliver something, I do. That’s the only promise I can make you.
I’m sure that there are hundreds of writers out there with more experience and knowhow than me, hey man that’s life. But, I don’t know anyone who works harder writing and researching his craft than I do.
If you want someone who will do you right, work hard, meet deadlines, and do what he promises I’m your guy.


Peace, love and all the best.

Juan Pablo Hernandez.
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