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Dave Windett

Freelance Comic Artist & Children's Book Illustrator

Location:Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom
2 Skills
I have been a freelance illustrator and comics artist for over 30 years.

Cappelen Damm, DC Thomson, Fleetway, Future, Marvel UK, Panini, Penguin USA and Random House, are just a handful of the well known publishers who have used my work


Book Illustration

21 Draw (21 Draw)
Briony’s Sweet Dilemma (Consequence Books)
Having A Baby Totally Sucks (Heath Mensher)
Jet Cadets Fun Book (John Brown for Britannia Airways)
Kaci Bell Mysteries (Little Lemming Books)
Kjørebok – 2004 (Adekvat Info AS)
Magic (N.W. Damm & Søn – Norway, Alinea – Denmark and Natur&Kultur – Sweden)
Monster Hunters Unlimited (Price Stern Sloan)
Noah’s Ark Colouring Book ( Dorling Kindersley USA)
Pinky and the Brain (Arkadia Illustration and Design )
Sci-Fi Art Now (Ilex/Harper Collins)
Shelf Life (Factor Fiction)
Stairs #7 (Cappelen Damm AS)
Trick or Treat (Little Lemming Books)
Voices in Time 2 (N.W. Damm & Søn)
Voltron United And Drawn (5Finity/Moonstone)
Walking in Eternity (Factor Fiction)
Wiggles and the Loch Ness Monster (Round Frog Books)


Byheksa – Baddis (Westwind)
Itchy & Scratchy, Troy McClure – Bart Simpsons Joke Book (Bongo)
Bottom Gear – The Beano (D.C. Thomson)
Micro Dot – Big Greenie (Tone Publications)
Bugs Bunny (Burghley)
Scooby Doo – Cartoon Network Guide (Fleetway)
Junior Boss – Comic Football (Comic Football
Taliska – Cosmic (H. Bauer)
Korky the Cat and Ninja Number Nine – The Dandy (D.C.Thomson)
Lazarus Lemming – DFC (Random House)
Digimon (Panini)
Count Duckula (London Editions)
Rotten Ralph – FBX (BBC Magazines)
Roxanna Reynard – Foul ( Traitors Gate )
Crash Bandicoot and Woody Woodpecker – KLM In – flight Comics (Waterside)
Krash Test Bunny – Nitro (Future)
Sesame Street (D.C. Thomson)
She-Ra (London Editions)
Tails – Sonic the Comic (Fleetway)
Thomas the Tank Engine (Marvel U.K.)
Tiny Toon Adventures (D.C. and Newsstand)
Tom & Jerry (Fleetway)
Surf City – Triffik (News Force)
Ace Ventura, Eek the Cat, Flint the Time Detective, Oggy and the Cockroaches – Wickid (Panini)
Zig & Zagg (Fleetway)
Inspector Gadget – Zona (Willmark) and Wickid (Panini)

Comic Strips

Ashton Ants (Receiver)
Bits ‘n’ Bytes (Guardian Insurance)
Berryhill’s Bloopers (Orbit Productions for the Dennis Cardoza campaign)
Buck Shee (Preston Other Paper)
Chaddy (Comic Football for Oldham Athletic)
Comicbook Mafia (Web Comic Factory )
Digital Trip Advisor (Digital Trip)
Intergalactic Medical Doctor (Web Comic Factory)
Lost Under Lancaster (Something Completely Different)
Post Human (Games Monthly)
Questing 9 to 5 ( Tappas)
Rugrats (Young Telegraph)
Rocket Scientists (Kimota)
Rom Ram and the 1512 (PC Plus)
Spy Fox – Planet PC (Future)
Trick or Treat (BBR, It Magazine, and Side-show Comics )
Wacky World of Animals (Pet Mad Web Site, Imagine Daily Web Site and Born Free Foundation Website)
Walgreens Beauty Advisors (Anonymous Design for Walgreens)

One Off Strips

Angela D’eath (Girly Comic, Baddis, UK Web & Mini Comics Thing Anthology, The Speculator and Krazybov Comics)
The Anger Feels So Right! – All you Need is Love (Raptus)
Bug Search – Spineless (Applied Comics)
Casper the Friendly Ghost (Foresee for Butlins)
Guitar Hero – Vogarth #2 (Vogarth Comix)
The Hungry Ones – Negative Burn #11 (Caliber Press)
Katze v 2.013 – I Want a Cat (
Min and Per (Children of the World)
On the crest of a wave – Side-show Comics #6 (Side- show Comics)
Overdue – Reading With Pictures Anthology
Redjack – Negative Burn #21 (Caliber Press)
Red Shift – Negative Burn (vol 2) #14 (Desperado Publishing)
Rocket Power – Newcastle Science Comic

Magazine and Website Illustration

Aussie Convoys, BBR, Comics World, Concepts, Contropussy, Dan Destiny, Dream Science Fiction, DuelMasters, ECV Press, Exuberance, Fantazia, 1st.Class, Flagship, 4×4 and Off Road Mart,Games man, Green Toe, High School Heroes, Jetix, Kimota, K-Zine,?, Men’s Health, Nemi,?, Rattlers Tale, Roary the Lion (BFF), Shelf Life, Sky Scene, Spinning Chicken, Stock Illustration, Visions, Webløysingar, Where It’s At (in Blackburn)

Games Illustration

Klokken (Egmont Kids Media Nordic AS)
Moro Mix (Egmont Kids Media Nordic AS)
Quest (KJC Games)
Elimination Game (Russell Odom)

Advertising, Design Agency, and General Illustration

A&M Marketing, Arkadia Illustration and Design, The Bubbies, Cartoon Network/Fleetway, Comic Relief '97, Comics Creators Guild, Crotty Consulting, Stephen Gallagher, Highfield Priory Chess Team, INCO, In Touch PR, The John Lever Partnership, MS Storage, Nationwide Repairs, Oakland, OH Betong, Phil Stamp, Premier Legal, Thunder Books, 23rd Parallel Games , The Royal Lytham and St. Anne's Golf Club

Pop/rock Groups

Justin Otstott/Gage, Time Kode, Moving Pictures

Character Design/cartoon/toy Development Work

Candy Underlord (Cybercandy)
Chilled Mouse (Chilled Mouse)
Flat Willy – SMTV Magazine (Waterside)
Harry the Herring (Flotilla 23-7, US Coast Guard Reserve)
Hoys (Horse of the Year Show)
Kid Squeakers (Kid Squeakers)
The Maize Brigade (Vincent Kean)
Fonies (Rok Media)
Sparky the Space Shuttle (Trigger Productions)
Spinning Chicken (Spinning Chicken)


Asgard Comics (Asgard Comics)
Various (DC Thomson)
Prisms (Rainstorm Press)
Aladdin, Pocahontas, and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights (Eigo Town)
The Saturdays (Nickleodeon)
A Day in the Life 2012 (Oriel Security)
Spectacular Spider-Man (Panini UK )
Blue Moon (Quill Publications)
Fangirl and Hero Concepts (Spinner Rack)
Fearless – CD Booklet (Douglas Wood)


Sketch Cards – Cryptozoic Entertainment, 5 Finity
Mobile Phone Wallpapers – Fonedream
Resources for online comic creator – Rok Comics
Logo Design – Dodo Publishing, K-Zine, Serie Antikvariatet