Paul Pastore

Freelance Screenwriter & Researcher

Location:Southbury, Connecticut, United States
Phone: 203-267-4872
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Nov’89-May’11: New York/New England Video DBA BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO. Special Projects Coordinator for a 23-store Franchise. Supervised all store openings, re-models and closings. Operation was taken over by GT Management (Jonesboro, Arkansas) in September, 2010. One of only two Office Personnel retained. Managed the liquidation of all remaining stores.

Feb’88-Aug’89: POP Manager for THE FAIRFIELD GROUP, an entertainment marketing/research company in Darien, CT. Managed largest Video Store database in the country (over 40,000). Used by Warner, HBO, and MGM/UA Home Video.

Apr’83-May’87: Owned and operated EPIC VIDEO in Norwalk, CT. Responsible for daily operation, including the purchase of all Sell Thru and Rental Product.

Apr’79-Sep’80: Sports Columnist, THE HOUR, Norwalk, CT. Authored a weekly running column, “On the Run”, which gave out advice and information.


B.S. 1976: Syracuse University, Television-Radio Department, S.I Newhouse School of Public Communications. Majored in Television Production with an emphasis in Sports, Special Events and Creative Writing. Sports Reporter, “The Daily Orange”. Publicity Coordinator, 1976 Muscular Dystrophy Dance Marathon -- rose over $43,000 in three days.

October 1997: Austin Film Festival. As a Finalist in their prestigious screenwriting competition, was tutored by a number of top Screenwriters, Producers and Directors.

June 2009: Writers Unblocked, a four-day seminar at The Danbury Film Festival highlighted by a Master Class with James V. Hart (August Rush, Hook, Contact, Dracula)


Producer of WORK-IN-PROGRESS, a Public Access Cable Show which helped writers to develop their un-produced scripts through a series of staged screenplay readings. Director of HERE AND NOW, a Public Access Cable Show hosted and produced by Jim Olbreys.

1985 to Present: 10 Screenplays (completed), 8 Works in progress (*), 3 Stage plays (**).

A TORRID AFFAIR, (co-authored) a romantic comedy. A customized romance novel author gets more than he bargains for when he becomes the fantasy lover of a number of his clients.

ANAMCARA, a sexy romantic thriller. While undergoing past-life regression therapy, an emotionally tormented woman sees things that make her believe the man responsible for her ex-husband’s death is her eternal soul mate.

CHARACTER ASSASSINS (**), a one-act comedy stage play. A resentful group of characters plot to **** the unsuccessful writer who created them.

CHARLES ISLAND (*), (co-authored) a family drama. A boy and his teacher band together to keep an out-of-town syndicate from finding Captain Kidd’s buried treasure.

COHORTS, an action spec script for Cohorts Entertainment. When a greedy casino executive threatens his family's livelihood, a guilt-ridden ex-vet takes drastic action to save all that is dear to him.

EARTH ANGEL, a family drama. An "angelic" seven-year-old girl saves the eternal life of her not-so-heavenly" guardian angel. (Once optioned by Woofenill Works in NYC.)

THE GIRL IN THE MAZE (*), a suspense thriller. A feuding couple must put aside their differences to find their kidnapped daughter before a political figure is assassinated.

THE GOOD SAMARITAN (*), a suspense thriller. While investigating the death of a corrupt businessman, an assistant district attorney suspects the man who saved her life is the prime suspect in her latest ****** case. (“Best Thriller”, 2000 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.)

INDIANA JONES AND THE SANDS OF TIME, an action/adventure. Indiana Jones must find an ancient Arab artifact and use its hidden powers to prevent the Nazis from changing the outcome of World War II. (Once optioned by Woofenill Works in NYC.)

THE INSURANCE POLICY, a short suspense thriller. A not-so-funny thing happens to a strong-armed Hit Man when he goes on his latest assignment. (2009 Connecticut Film Festival Selection.)

JESSIE (*), (co-authored) a suspense thriller. An overly-suspicious college radio-deejay suspects one of her listeners is stalking her.

NO TRESPASSING (*), a horror. An ancient tribal spirit returns to protect its ancestral land from modern day trespassers.

PLOT POINT (*), a suspense thriller. A professional secretary suspects the author of a manuscript is a serial killer.

SPIES IN PETTICOATS (*). A historical mini-series following the exploits of the several notably female spies of the American Civil War: Rose Greenhow, Belle Boyd, Elizabeth Van Lew and Mary Bowser.

THE SANDS OF TIME, an action/adventure. Two former CIA assassins must put aside their hatred for each other and find an ancient Arab artifact before a 21st-century gang of Nazis can use its hidden powers to change the outcome of World War II. (Based on the Indiana Jones script character by George Lucas, and once optioned by Woofenill Works in NYC.)

TREEHOUSE (original), a family suspense thriller. While recovering from a severe case of poison ivy a nine-year old boy playing in his father's old treehouse suspects two girls living across the street have been kidnapped. (Finalist, Family Category, 1997 Austin Heart-of Film Screenplay Competition.) (Once optioned by Woofenill Works in NYC.)

TREEHOUSE (2010 re-write), a suspense thriller. While playing in his father's old treehouse a 10-year old boy sees things which make him believe a missing girl from his school has been kidnapped by one of the neighbors.

UNDER A FULL MOON IN NOVEMBER (**), a full-length comedy stage play. A pair of one night stands during the Northeast Blackout of 1965 come back to haunt two couples when one moves in next to the other at an active adult community forty-four years later.

WATERCOLOR (*), a suspense thriller. A distraught widow lures her old high school boyfriend, a retired New York City Detective, to investigate her husband's *******.

WHAT LIGHT THROUGH YONDER WINDOW BREAKS (**), a one-act comedy play. On the night before the premiere of "Romeo and Juliet", two Spirits try to help William Shakespeare overcome a bad case of writer's block.

THE WHEEL OF THE JAGUAR, an action/adventure. Two former CIA assassins must put aside their hatred for each other and find an ancient Maya artifact before a radical terrorist group can use its hidden powers to change the outcome of World War II. (Based on the Indiana Jones script, was once optioned by Woofenill Works in NYC.)
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