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Tiffany Williams

Freelance Drawer & Portrait Artist

Location:Phoenix, Arizona, United States
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My name is Tiffany Williams and I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s in Media Art and Animation. I did not just wake up one day and tell myself that I should be an artist, because I was born to be one already. I discovered my artistic abilities at the age of seven when my step- brother, who also had the talent, challenged me relentlessly to drawing. I advanced over time in high school where I took several art classes and became a member of the Art Club. This did not teach me my talent, but it did help enhance what I already knew. You see my parents did not have the funds to put me into fancy art classes hourly so I had no choice but to teach myself. I read countless books and drew every day of every hour of every minute that I had to myself. I progressed even further by drawing portraits for money, which helped get my name out there. I took a complete turn by attempted to use clothing paint in order to design character clothing, which was very successful by the way. I was offered a scholarship to the Art Institute of Illinois, which I regrettably turned down out of fear. After twenty four years of deciding, here I am now pursuing my bachelors in animation to conquer my fears and allow my dream to set its course.
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Portrait Art