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Freelance Tattoo Designer & Horror Artist

Location:Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Phone: 04 5864 8820
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I've spend most of my life chasing a career in the video games industry but ended up in the tattoo world. In 2010 I completed my Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment at Qantm College Melbourne.

I'm currently working at Sharp Art Tattoos in Bairnsdale, now as a qualified Tattoo Artist after a 6 month apprenticeship. Eventually, I hope to be able to solely focus on my own style, combining Realistic, Stylistic and Abstract elements around Horror, Demonic and Apocolyptic themes.

With tattooing, my digital and concept art background is somewhat limited. I hope to get involved in projects that'll re-fuel the passion for any simular form of art while distracting my mind from pure tattoo influenced art. Thus, by improving my already diverse artistic skill-set I'll ultimatly become a better Tattoo Artist.

My proirity as a professional was to be exceptionally efficient and maintain a reputation for quality, thorough project break-down, meeting deadlines and reponding well to critique or feedback.
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Tattoo Design
Horror Art