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? Oracle Certified Professional Lead Database Administrator with over 12 years experience in Database Architect, Design, Modeling, Migration, Implementation, Support and Administration.
? Extensive 3+ years experience in Real Application clustering, Data Guard, Oracle Grid, Replication, Failover Clustering, Performance Tuning, Disaster Recovery, RMAN, Security Administration, Data Warehouse, Oracle Streams, Change Management .
? Extensive project and team management experience.
? Problem solving, Data gathering, Analysis and Translation of Business requirements.
? Implement technology growth strategies, capacity planning, and plan for effectiveness of database systems and recommend new product enhancements in a multi-client, hosted 24x7 environment.
? Strong hands-on experience on Unix.
? Excellent Oral, Written Communication, Presentation skills.
? Experience in SQL Server 2000 database Administration.



RDBMS Oracle 11gR2/ 10g/Oracle 9.2.x/ 8.1.7 /8.0.x/ 7.3.4, SQL Server 2000
Oracle Tools Oracle Enterprise Manager GRID Control

Hardware Sun M5000 , HP9000 Series/891, DG/Aviion 25K and EISA 486
Operating System Sun Solaris 5.8, HP-UNIX V10.01, DG-UX(MU05), SCO-UNIX,
Software/Language Java , C++


Lead DBA in Leading Telecommunication Company

? Provided database architecture, development and administration in the design and implementation of the business solution.
? Worked on Very large databases up to size of 5 tera bytes
? Worked as Lead of high availability database deployment, support team, focusing on 7*24 * 365 up time of mission critical databases
? Installed & configured Oracle 11gR2g , 10g and implemented RAC for high availability solution.
? Implemented Oracle Streams, to replicate production data for business critical reporting database.
? Developed Database Packages, Database procedures, functions and database triggers using PL/SQL.
? Managed and mentored a team of 9 oracle dbas.
? Identified complex performance bottleneck on high volume transaction systems. Analyzed SQL statements with explain plan , analyzed Statspack reports and tuned most waited events.
? Involved in complete product testing cycle of their provisioning applications, which involve integration of various components databases, vitria and Weblogic.
? Extensively used Database Admin & Monitoring Tools such as DBArtisan, & Oracle Grid Conrrol
? Implemented Table / Index Partitioning for Very Large tables, having size more than 30GB and wrote customize scripts, which perform partition split at end of each month, create partition for new month and purge the oldest partition, using this approach data retrieval/ insertion etc performance dramatically increased.
? Configured Data guard (using Physical Standby Approach) on Oracle RAC in Max Performance and Max Availability Modes.
? Wrote various UNIX shell scripts to automate various daily routine jobs, for example exp/imp, schema cleanup for Testing / QA teams etc.
? Recommended standards, guidelines, procedures and policies to ensure best practices, that is, outlined various regular routine checks.
? Setup 3 Test Environments for the provisioning Projects, to have multiple releases of applications before promoting to Production Database Servers
? Provided support to Unix Administrators to configure EMC Storage Solution and performed testing of all possible scenarios of database / tablespace /datafile backup/restores and recover.
? Functioned as the subject matter expert in matters of performance issues, major reorganizations, auditing the required down times and the affect on the business applications between the Developers, System Administrators and the end clients
? Planned and acquired new technologies for evaluation and implementation suitable for the applications in regard to company's future business projections and growth.
? Responsible for SQL Server2000 Database Administration for Retail Application.

Leading Electronic Retail Store, NJ

Provided Oracle Database Administration Client/server based Retail store system applications
? Provided 24x7 production support for Retail System which has 250GB size with
? Transaction rate up to 5000 per hour.
? Involved in the Database physical Design & Implementation of the Retail System
? Responsible for installing Oracle Software, creating new databases and setting up configuration.
? Implemented Oracle replication and managed 40 distributed databases located in their 40 stores as a fail over server.
? Developed and implemented methods and procedures for monitoring and maintaining production, test, and QA, Reporting and Training databases.
? Monitoring and tuning the application code using TKPROF, Explain Plan and SQL Trace.
? Developed, tested and implemented the hot backup strategy for production databases using RMAN and EMC BCV / HP XP256 Disk Arrays using Re-Sync / split Approach.
? Used IMP/EXP utilities with different parameters and used memory pipes for bigger size dump files preparation through export and then imports that dump file whenever need arises.
? De-Fragmented indexes and tables by rebuilding and moving to other segments.
? Continuously monitoring the tablespace fragmentation, disk space capacity, objects requiring more extents and free space.
? Monitored and tuned the performance variables for paging rate, disk I/O, data dictionary, buffer and library cache miss ratios.
? Worked with Oracle support for various Oracle database related issues.
? Provided SQL server 2000 database administration for Retail database. Involved physical design and migration of their retail software to SQL SERVER 2000 database.

Bachelors Degree in Mathematics, Madras University, India
Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Science and Applications (PGDCA)India
Oracle Certified Database Administrator (OCP)
Oracle 10g Database Administration Training - Oracle Corporation
Oracle Database 10g: RAC for Administrators – Oracle Corporation
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