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Joshua Gillis

Freelance Outdoor Photographer & Event Photographer

Location:Millbrook, Ontario, Canada
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My name is Josh.

I am a General Photographer you could say.

I have experience in the following photographic fields:
Outdoor Photography
Landscape Photography
Sports Photography (IE: Local skateboarders)
Architectural Photography
Street Photography
Pet Photography
Band Photography
and many more.

Over all in the photographic field I have about a year and a half of experience and am going to college either at Humber college for Creative Photography (Commercial Photography course), Sheridan College Institute of Technological and Advanced Learning for Media Fundamentals, and still pending at Sheridan College Institute of Technological and Advanced Learning for the Bachelors of Applied Arts Photography (BAAP) degree.

I have sold over $700 in prints, ranging from 8x10's at the smallest to a 16x20 at the largest. I have sold them in a one on one customer environment and in a open sale where I had prints hanging at a local business. I am currently getting into the Portrait Photography area this spring since I do not own a studio, I have to work outside with most of my work or build light boxes to do indoor work or just come up with some creative way for a shot to work.

For my Creative Writing/Blog writing, since I was 16 years old I have maintained a few blogs. I am currently in the process of condensing all those blogs into one singular blog so that I can better manage them. My writings go from Journalism type writings, to personal writings, to reviews of movies or songs.

I am also very active on twitter, and I can usually get reviews upon my work from other photographers, and some journalists. I have also posted blogs on controversial subjects, and gotten a lot of attention for it. A lot of that attention being good attention rather than bad.

If you have any questions just ask away, I am always looking for work and I am always willing to present work to show what I can do.

All work in my portfolio is subject to copyright laws and if used without my permission legal action will be taken against the person(s) or company who uses them.