Peiman Mirzaei

Freelance Animal Illustrator & Architectural Illustrator

Location:Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Phone: 0432070036
2 Skills
Born in 1975, Peiman graduated from BIHE University (Iran) in civil engineering and moved to Australia in 2007 and has graduated as an architect from University of Adelaide. His skill in hand drawing hand in hand with his knowledge of relevant softwares helps him to bring his dreams to reality in both artistic and technical sides of his career. His diverse work background in customer service and administrative staff to art designer and technical draftsman make him feel confident as a team member and show his responsibility, caring, punctuation and creativity in a broad range of work places from educational environments to technical offices and direct contact with clients. He knows himself as a person with utmost passion of learning in any condition who would like to contribute to community from whatever is in his hands.