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Clinton Zapell

Freelance Drawer & Artist

Location:Florence, Oregon, United States
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I and 35 year old self taught artist from Oregon, my main mediums are graphite, and colored pencils artwork but will not limit myself to any form. I began my artistic journey at the age of about 4 years old where my old brother Kevin began teaching me about color techniques and started me off on giant poster tube coloring posters, I draw a wide range of different things from Tattoo flash, Horror art, to fantasy and even caricature artwork.
Although I have no formal art schooling, I have fine tuned my own style and artwork to create a unique art form of my will know I drew my pieces.
I am seeking out freelance work for any company wanting my artwork for any reason under the sun! I am a firm believer in, if you stop learning or limit yourself, then you limit your own ability to grow and blossom as an artist. I am partial to black and grey work because of the depth it brings to a piece.
I am looking for companies that like pieces involving poster art, small size murals, horror art of all kinds, Original tattoo flash, and just about anything you can throw at me.
I will be periodically posting pieces for all of you to check out and give input and if any avenues open up shoot me a message. I personally want to thank everyone for sharing such great art with the world! Thank you.
I am a huge fan of the paranormal and the intrigue of ghost and the afterlife is a mysteriously fun subject.
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