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Andrew Zeutzius

Freelance Artist & Illustrator

Location:Portland, Oregon, United States
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Andrew Zeutzius-Self taught artist, musician, and poet, born and raised in Green Bay, WI
now resides in and calls Portland, OR home. I have been co- creating, experimenting, exploring
probing and communing with the properties of art ever since I could put crayon to paper. I was always seeking endlessly for my niche, ideal modality of self- expression, or means to suite my seemingly endless patience and attention to detail. At an early age I was exposed to the depth of optical illusions, the playful ambitions of Pointillism,Stippling and various expressionist and surrealist little did I know after much soul searching.

This would be the modality in which you see before you now. That I would choose to express my ambitions, my interest in presenting what I call metaphysical quantum expressions of the depth and color of various aspects of our human experience. The efforts I create are my translations or interpretations of the energy that I see within and around everyone and everything in our lives and the universe.In keeping my compositions simple I am able to explore the greater depths of complexity in theseexperiences that are spiritual,philosophical,sensual and transcendental the list of properties goes on and on.

The efforts I create of course have weight and meaning specific to myself , for you the viewer its is imperative that you find yourself in my work. Take your time for once in your life, move forward and back, breath deep, slow your heart rate
look into the piece then your own mind. Concern yourself not with what I am saying or what the person next to you is saying or seeing unless it resonates with you. Just see yourself grasp your full enjoyment of where you are in the art in front
you. I humble thank you for taking the time to view my work I hope it brought some new answers, questions or choices to your path in life.
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