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Francisco Garcia

Freelance Graphic Designer & T-Shirt Designer

Location:Denver, Colorado, United States
Phone: 720 338 6612
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Vital Tee’s LLC

Vital Tee’s LLC is a newly emerging screen printing and graphic design company located in Lakewood Co. Having recently filed our articles of organization as an LLC company with the colorado secretary of state, As well as obtaining the the proper state and local tax licenses to operate legally. Not only are we looking to build lasting relationships with our future customers, we are also looking to build a team of qualified executives to create a profitable business for years to come. I have been screen printing for over 15 years, and will soon have my associates degree in Graphic Design from College America, and have also completed several courses in business management. our business plan is fairly close to completion although some feedback from possible partners, investors, etc. will help us to revise and complete the plan of attack so that we can begin to apply for small business loans with an effective business plan, and the team to back it up. We are open to all sorts of ideas and suggestions from people of all walks of life. We have an in house graphic design artist that is very good at what he does, and is open for freelance work of all types. Our soul purpose is to help our customers succeed. So if any of this is of interest to you please send your e-mail address or other form of contact so that we can enlighten you further about Vital Tees’ LLC.
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Graphic Design
T-Shirt Design