Chaitanya Stalker

Freelance Creative Writer & Poem Writer

Location:Carlisle, Pennsylvania, United States
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i write, poems, short stories, funny articles, and books. I am an actor, i have done traveling, and worked with lots of people. i love to hear stories and write them in awesome ways.. :) here is my resume.

Chaitanya Nitai Stalker

1175 Spruce Hill Road, Port Royal, PA 17082
Tel: 717 527 0285

Personal Statement
Traveling Actor with great people skills used to managing people and equipment. Multitudes of patience and experience with all types of personalities. Looking for something stable and secure


High School Diploma

Juniata Highschool, Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USA

Work Experience
Restaurant Aide

Spruce Hill Lunch, Spruce Hill, Pennsylvania, USA (2007- 2010)

Worked at restaurant, washed dishes, helped to cook, prepare salads, serve customers, and watched restaurant from time to time while owners and managers were gone. I worked quite often and learned quite a lot, especially in the areas of organization and critical thinking.

• Dish washer

• Kitchen Aide

• Answered phone

• Kept Kitchen surfaces clean

• Took out trash

• Talked with customers

Actor (April 2010 - October 2010)

Swami Productions, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Worked with and helped to train people of all ages. One of the primary or leading actors on the show, it was also my job to keep track of all the props, and make sure nothing was lost as we flew from one place to another. This was a volunteer position and my needs were taken care of, but aside from that I was not paid.

• Prop Manager

• One of the three Primary Leading Actors

• Helped to train new and/or temp. actors

• Coordinated with the stage personnel at each new venue where we performed, so as to correctly position lights, and get proper sound levels.

Independent Theatre Experience

I wrote and directed a play in a Temple in Toronto, for a festival, several thousand people were present to view the final product. I have written several plays and directed them in various situations akin to the afore mentioned situation. i have also written several songs which have been performed by small groups near my home.

I also MC’d for a section of the Annual Music Fest in Harrisburg that is held the weekend of July Fourth. The program lasted all day, and thankfully so did I. Several hundred people were in the audience at any given time during my announcements.

I spend a bit of time with the youth of my community, directing plays I write. Training them in the Arts and giving them something to do in their free time. I organize, direct and produce several performances a year.
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Creative Writing
Poem Writing