Mandy Russo

Freelance Outdoor Photograper & Sports Photographer

Location:Moss Point, Mississippi, United States
Phone: 228-990-8506
2 Skills
Hi my name is Mandy Russo. I am from small town hurley, Ms, in Jackson county area. One of our many small towns of coastal Mississippi. Photographyb is something that I have loved my whole life. Three years ago i decided to do it as a job. I love the opprotunities that I have not only in my personal and family life but also the business aspect. There are so many photographhers out there with so much to offer. There are many willing to watch and help others of us succeed. As much as I love all photography, sport, outdoors, and event photography are my favorites. Not only do I love to capture great moments and plays of any event but capturing the expressions, memories and smiles as they are being made. Sports Photography is especially important to me because I am an athlete as well as my children. It gives me motivation to do my absolute best work and the opprotunity to capture moments in the lives of our children. To see their faces and excitement in a game is the best feeling in the world, in not only my children but all of them.