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Joanne Dagonese

Freelance Song Writer, Jingle Writer, & More

Location:Inland Empire, California, United States
8 Skills
* Playful Word~Meister *
* Multi~Dimensional Muse *
* M.S. ~ Special Education *
* B.S. ~ Human Development *
* Singer & Cover Song Artist *
* Inner Space Explorer *
* Innovative Motivator *
* Anagram Genie *
* Edu~tainer *
~ The above descriptors could actually be sub-titles or chapter headings for more in-depth descriptions, but they'd come with a WARNING: WATCH OUT FOR RABBIT HOLES. So let me try and make this brief ~ which is probably one word that isn't in my Vocabulary of Verbosity.

~ I've been writing creatively for the past 42 years ~ for nearly as long as I've been talking. So, now that I've practically dated myself, I'll let you guesstimate how young I was when I started ~

~ I am more passionate about the writing process itself than I am about the final product. However, the final product will always represent my best foot forward. I love playing with words like toddlers love playing with food. I enjoy the taste and texture of trying out combo-platters of new words and phrases. I get a charge out of compounding sounds to make hybrid words that practically define themselves "withumor" ~

~ Before I write any piece, I ask myself, how will I make my voice pop out of this, so that my style is really unique and never redundundundant...? How can I embed clues in my writings that hide double, triple, and sometimes more multiple meanings in just one sentence...? ~

~ I am metaphysical by nature... Lexigrams, anagrams and any ancient art having to do with finding hidden meaning in language and encoded in numbers is my secret (maybe not-so-secret) passion. I find it mind-blowing that out of a mere 26 letters in our English language, so much has emerged. My favorite number is 26... My birth date adds up to the number 26 (which according to numerology, represents a person's birth path) My path has been blazed by those 26 letters that have had me chasing after new ways to express myself and tell my life stories ~