Sam Simnitt

Freelance Writer & Editor

Location:Portland, Oregon, United States
Phone: 5036798895
2 Skills
Unemployed, and currently a student I am new to freelancing but I believe my skills are appropriate for this work. I am up for any job opportunity in my advertised services.
I have loved the written language as long as I can remember. I have an educational background in creative writing. Hence; I am most apt to write prose fiction, biographies, narratives, [free verse, refrain, meter, and ode] poetry, and essays. I am less experienced with journalism and other writing forms.
I am skilled with editing and have had an eye for it ever since grade school. I can correct all forms of mistake, correct format, rewrite, comment, and proofread all writing very well except for heavily rigid structured resumes. I am very familiar with the MLA writing format and with proper citation format.
I recently began studying film, in all it's aspects, and videography. I am proficient with many types of technical equipment, and love filming events. I am excellent with a team of filmmakers but also work well alone. I have access to a DSLR video camera for use but know how to operate other cameras as well. I'm experienced in operation and use of many film editing programs namely iMovie and Final Cut Pro.
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