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Phil Falcon

Freelance Script Writer & Screenwriter

Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
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I am an attorney, creative consultant and scriptwriter in Los Angeles with over 10 years experience in both the entertainment and corporate industries.

During my career, I have reviewed, written and/or polished numerous screenplays, TV pilot scripts, short films and web series for production companies, actors, writers and filmmakers around the world, including the USA, UK, Australia, India, France, Singapore and Spain.

I was recruited to act as creative consultant on a TV pilot (slated to be pitched at Warner Brothers) and am currently developing a thriller franchise, which has received interest and offers from production companies in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Canada.

Story-wise, there is no script or production problem I can't solve.

I specialize in both scripts and productions in all genres.

In addition, I have written dozens of business profiles and commercials/online videos for websites, companies and professionals around the world. The fields in which I have written include corporate, culinary, entertainment, fashion, health/fitness, landscaping, legal, law enforcement, real estate and retail.

My business profiles have been used for websites, advertisements, kickstarter campaigns, social media, online business directories and freelance websites.

Please refer to my portfolio for samples of my work. I have many more samples available, so feel free to ask and I'll send whatever you need.

I also have a large number of testimonials available.


- Self-taught and independent

- Adept at the craft, rhythm and structure of scriptwriting

- Exceptional command of English grammar and vocabulary

- Strong creative and commercial instincts (I know what works and what will be successful)

- Intuitive and insightful problem solver (Story-wise there is no script or production problem I can't solve. I am also efficient in my ability to shape chaos into order)

- Compulsive, meticulous worker with an all-consuming commitment to whatever endeavour I undertake

- Tenaciously driven and resiliently ambitious

- Prodigiously creative. My strong creative instincts enable me to produce smart, original, high-quality work quickly and in abundance, along with a sharp sense of how to market such work in a clever, resourceful and compelling manner
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