Tamara Comeaux aka UnluckyCat13's Bizarre Oddities

Freelance Horror Artist & Sculptor

Location:New Iberia, Louisiana, United States
Phone: 3375771423
Website: Http://facebook.com/UnluckyCat13sBizarreOddities
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~*UnluckyCat13's Bizarre Oddities -aka- "The Flesh Artist" *~
I'm an Self-taught Artist/Model,From South,Louisiana.If you need someone to create anything in a certain design/style/medium for something.I can do a wide range of things.Over the years I have tried many different things,and I love them all.I have been involved in Art & Crafts Since I was 5.I was born sick in & out of hospitals never known or experiencing life like everyone else.The only things that have been there to keep me some what sane seems to be art,music,& my animals.Plus having very patience,loving,supportive parents.Which I'm lucky to have considering how off the wall I am. I am constantly teaching myself new types of art ,and hobbies.So keep updated .I never know what I'll create next. Alway have a deep craving for the visual.I have had images plague my head since I was a small child,and have been trying to find way to bring them to life.

A good percent of my art isn't for the close-minded,or weak stomachs.I know its a big risk to be this extreme in my style of art this early into trying to get well know.But I can't force myself to constantly do art that I can't feel ,or connect with.Anyway I thought art was a way to express emotions & all subjects that life has given us.Yes some subject might be more dangerous than others.Thats only because it ends up touching a deeper nerve in a person.That this "society" has over time brainwashed us,and made us over sensitive about things life naturaly throws at us.Those things are put there to make us grow & involve into something stronger.With-in our selves ,& and as a whole.It has Basicly ripped away peoples ability to do so,and I refuse to do so.Nature & the flow of life is to beautiful to water it down like that.People take to many things in life for granted.It disappoints & angers me to sit back ,and watch this.I wish people would realize by rushing yourself through everything ,and not slowing down even for a moment to see how lucky we are to be able to see the different beauties in life no mater what form it might be.They end up losing at the end.No mater what they think they gained.I have alway tried staying as honest & respectable to those who deserve it.For the ones that don't I only have my patience.I take my art / business serious.I tend to be generous when people purchase something from me.
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Horror Art