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Geoff Taylor

Freelance Illustrator & Fantasy Artist

Location:Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Phone: 778-989-8550
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Below is some of my past and current work experience:

Current Freelance overview:

2012-2013 DeNA studios: Freelance illustrator
2011- 2012 Voltz studio: Freelance illustrator and concept artist for Mobile and social games

2011-2012: Involved in several start up projects for social and mobile gaming. Providing visual development for pending social and mobile gaming titles.

2010-2012 Mighty Canvas concept art house: Freelance artist providing support with concept art matte painting and illustration for various video games and advertising projects.
Clients include: Microsoft interactive, West Jet airlines, Good Science studios, and several independent developers

Experience 2011 The Sequence Group Vancouver, B.C.

Concept Artist/ Illustrator

-I create 2d artwork- which is then integrated into 3d/ post production software and converted
2.5d animated shorts.
-The animations are featured in films, video games and occasionally appear as online promotion content.
-Assets are strictly evaluated to ensure the quality and style adheres to the client’s demands/ franchise.
-Turnarounds are quick. On average I am expected to produce 2-3 pieces of finished art per day.

2010-2011 Barron’s publishing London, England
Author and Illustrator
-Authored and illustrated ‘How to Draw and Paint Science Fiction’
-I am responsible for delivering a 128 page instructional art book.
-I am delivering 100% of the written comment and 60% of the visual content.
-The book stresses methodical step by step production of art work beginning with sketches and culminating with finely rendered paintings.
-The book touches upon character design, environment design, architectural design, industrial design, visual story telling, anatomy, perspective, design theory, colour theory and fundamental drawing and painting techniques.

2009-present Vancouver Canucks Vancouver, B.C.

Concept Artist

-I am part of a small team working on an environmental design project intended to brand Rogers’ Arena as the home of the Vancouver Canucks.
-The first stage of the project was successfully implemented in 2010 with a very positive response from the community and franchise. We are currently underway with phase 2.
-I am responsible for the delivery of highly realistic environment sketches/ mood pieces.These images help to pitch the concept to the greater organization, and also communicate the intended alterations to the builders.
-I work closely with an art director and a creative director going through various iterations to arrive at the desired result.
-My turnarounds are quick. My work is expected to represent the lighting, form, structure and materials to a realistic level. The paintings are used as both instructional and marketing material. therefore a balance must be struck between artistry and accuracy.
-Artistically speaking; these images communicate a sensory experience to the audience. The project aims to elevate the experience of attending a hockey game, therefore the imagery must be dramatic and captivating with a focus on mood and atmosphere.

2009-2010 Propaganda Games Vancouver, B.C.

Environment Artist

-I worked as a concept artist and modeler on TRON: Evolution
-I was mostly dedicated to the design of various props and environmental assets. I worked closely with the art director and environment art team to design assets that were stylistically on target with the TRON franchise and functionally viable within game play.
-I went through an iterative process with the world art director to help expand upon his ideas and pitch new concepts.
-I created descriptive concept sketches with written accompaniment to communicate the construction process of the various assets to both internal and outsource modeling teams.
-I also gained experience with Unreal 3 and additional modeling experience.

2009- present Vancouver Institute of Media Arts & Vncouver Film School Vancouver, B.C.


-I primarily teach Photoshop and matte painting classes. My focus is on the applications of Photoshop as it pertains to CG texturing, concept art, and matte painting
-I work within the Game Art and Design, Visual Effects and 3D Animation departments
-I provide artistic direction to my students through lectures, one on one critiques, group critiques, group exercises and demonstrations of modeling, matte painting, concept art and texturing techniques.

- Freelance illustration contracts include: play posters for the Tapestry Music Theater, editorial work for Westjet, Walrus Magazine, Dose Newspaper, Vancouver Sun, Arts Ubrella and the Toronto Star
-Created a corporate identity package for Shallbetter Resources/ SBNS trading inc., Torro Clothing, and GO2 oxygen water
-Worked with Nittzu toy company (Singapore) to create a line of designer toys (conceptual sketches and clay models)
-Winner of 's vinyl toy design contest.
-Frequent commissions for private collectors
-I have produced and directed several 10-15 minute CG marketing videos for various energy and environmental companies. I have also provided technical illustrations for several of these companies.

Skills The strongest asset I have to offer to any creative team is visual problem solving. I am comfortable working in a variety of styles, and am adaptable to new challenges. I seek to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality in my work. I am passionate about my artwork and I respond well to new challenges and tight deadlines.
I have strong traditional drawing, painting and sculpting skills. As well as a knowledge of colour theory, anatomy, architectural and industrial design. I am fluent with Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Maya, Headus UV layout, Crazybump and Zbrush.
I have job experience in both team and entrepreneurial scenarios. I am comfortable both giving and taking artistic direction. I feel that my ability to make quick, thoughtful adjustments to my work, and my broad skill set make me a valuable member of a creative team.

Ontario College of Art and Design Toronto, ON
-Bachelor of Design- specializing in illustration
-Recipient on the Stanley Turnival tuition scholarship for achievement in editorial illustration and academics
-Recipient of the Dora De Pedrey Hunt design contest award, and membership to the Medallic Arts Society of Canada
-Graduated with honours
Vancouver Institute of Media Arts Vancouver B.C.
-Diploma specializing in game art and design
-Advanced training in concept art, matte painting, and the full 3d pipeline
-Special focus on environment design
-Graduated with honours standing
St. George’s Senior School Vancouver,BC
-Graduated with honours standing-Recipient of a district scholarship for achievement in academics and fine arts
-Recipient of the Phillip J. Rigg Memorial scholarship for achievement in academics and fine arts
-Recipient of the Buschlen Mowatt Gallery scholarship prize
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