Caroline P

Freelance Brochure Designer & Digital Artist

Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States
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Caroline Petersen
High School
Dates of expected attendance: August 25, 2010- May/June 2014
Work Experience
June 2011-September 2011
? Pool Lifeguard, maintain safety of patrons in and around the privately owned pool, open and close the pool according to shift hours, clean inside and around the pool on regular basis, help maintain chemical balance of pool
June 2011-September 2011
? Swim Lessons Instructor, teach and promote water safety to young swimmers, maintain safety of swimmers, improve on the swimming technique and basic fundamentals of general water activities
? Honors roll student 1st semester Freshman year: received on January 31, 2011
? Honors roll student 2nd semester Freshman year: received on June 14, 2011
? Honors roll student 1st semester Sophomore year: received on February 23, 2012
? Recognition in Academic Excellence Program: received winter/spring of 2012
? Confirmed as Adult Church and Community Citizen: received winter of 2010
? Faith Community Church Volunteer: active community service(2008-current date)
? Faith Community Church Food Pantry Volunteer: provide for community in need(2010- current date)
? Team member of Team Illinois Hockey League Youth:16 and under(August 2010-March 2011, and August 2011-March 2012)
? Team member of Crush Softball Team Youth:14 and under(2009-2011)
? Youth Skills and Development Volunteer Coach for Rangers Hockey Club( August 2010-March 2011)
? CPR, First Aid and AED: certified on May 22, 2011- valid through May 22, 2013
? Lifeguard General Practices: certified ok May 22, 2011- valid through May 22, 2014
? Proficiency with Microsoft products: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and Publisher
? Proficiency with Adobe products: Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat Reader
? Basic fundamentals of the German language
? Artistic experience in mixed media, art and identity, visual art interventions, and visual art and technology
? Some woods and woods workshop skills
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Brochure Design
Digital Art