Lidia Krupka

Freelance Brochure Designer & Graphic Designer

Location:Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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My career was launched with the benefits of a bi-continental education. I have a BA from Montreal's Concordia University, where I majored in design art, and a Masters of Fine Arts in graphic art from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, the incubator for some of the world's leading designers and poster artists. In Poland my mentors were Teresa Pagowska, Halina Chrostowska, Maciej Urbaniec and Stanislaw Wieczorek.

My work experience encompasses a wide variety of projects in design, communications and advertising.
I worked in the demanding world of fashion, in the competitive arena of consumer advertising, garnered international acclaim in healthcare communications and achieved a significant record of success in brand ID.

Recognition for the excellence of my work came early. In my student years I enjoyed the distinction of winning several competitions and my work was rewarded with group and solo exhibitions in Warsaw and in the prestigious Banff Center for the Arts in Alberta, as well as by a grant from Krasner-Pollock Foundation in New York.
My work in advertising won awards from the New York Festivals' Globals as well as from the top awards shows in the world of healthcare communications (Pace Awards, Canada; IN-AWE and RX Club, USA).

I'm fortunate in having been exposed to the best design influences of the 20th and 21st centuries, this has helped me develop a cultured, educated eye. I'm dedicated to perfection and have been called a designer's designer.
My outlook and design approach, which has been formed by bi-continental experience, has recently been further honed by the global challenges inherent in working in the Gulf Region.

Although I have an impressive record of success in print advertising, I prefer the challenges inherent in graphic design, branding and packaging. It is in these areas, where the visual aspect is primary, that I feel I can make the strongest contribution to my clients' success.
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Brochure Design
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