Freelance Annual Report Writer & Article Writer

Location:Livingston, Louisiana, United States
2 Skills
Exceptional Senior Healthcare Executive

Expertise in leading healthcare organizations and academic nursing programs
Forte is fostering a culture of clinical quality excellence and facilitating collaboration with physicians and external stakeholders in a manner that meets stringent fiscal realities
Known for making the tough decisions in a fair and transparent context


Core Competencies -
Seasoned Leadership – Direction within the context of mission and values, decisive with a strong reasoning ability and for timely action, provision of stability, clarifying the path and priorities during crisis and periods of turmoil, and enforcing accountability, leadership investment in quality, service, operational excellence

Clinical Expertise – The ultimate measure is clinical quality and patient satisfaction for everything under my leadership. Clinical quality indicators are driven by strong policies and the continual, redundant emphasis on adherence; deep and broad knowledge of clinical operations serves as the core engine driving all other administrative and ancillary operations.

Academic Nursing Expertise – Many years of classroom and clinical experiences with students, curriculum design, course evaluation, and outcome evaluation. Redesigned an undergraduate nursing curriculum to meet the changing needs of students entered the healthcare industry. A believer in motivating others to go above and beyond what they can do. Detail oriented in producing documents. Leader of teams to better understand the need for change and solicit input from team members. Engagement of others is an essential ingredient to success. Understands the accreditation process and standards as well as writing to those standards. An understanding of the academic community and how it fits within society.

Writing Ability – Completion of various types of writing projects such as grants, comprehensive action plans, accreditation documents, state board of nursing response and reporting documents, paper presentations, poster presentations

Project leadership - Able to manage multiple projects at one time with key attention to detail. Getting to a successful outcome is the motivation and the prize for hard work. I have managed projects of a clinical nature, construction projects, and writing/committee projects. All have had goals for success, timelines to adhere to, and participants that need guidance and leadership.

Focused Communications – Culture starts at the top. Personal philosophy of routine – both written and in person – communication forums – for status checks, feedback loops, and for any developing or breaking events (positive or that which is viewed unfavorable).

Building a Vision – Ability to create a shared mental picture of the complex dynamics facing hospitals. This is one of the key tools I use to maintain the organization’s focus for stability and continued improvements – even during times of uncertainty related to budget cuts, merger/acquisition/divestiture, and crisis. Adapt at doing this with internal team, internal stake holders, and external bodies – particularly public arena constituencies.

Physician Collaboration – Known for building a physician cabinet for support in implementation and for input channels; yet boundaries for maintaining a clear perspective of fiduciary and clinical responsibility and stewardship of the hospital system

Stakeholder Facilitation– Bridging issues and needs of key customers including governing authorities, legislators, system executives, regulators, employees, and other constituents

Fiscal Stringency – Strong eye for monitoring cash and operating margin, and focusing operations on results. Strong philosophy of operations being coached and directed to move to work within the realities of a shrinking financial resources pool. Solid track record for leading operations as efficiently as possible, then adjusting to deliver services according to financial reality. Metrics driven performance improvement leadership style for operational results.

Personal motivation for leadership roles that are in complex situations where growth, evolution, and visionary aim is not only welcomed, but expected.

Passionate about healthcare and hospitals as healing ministries and a vortex for collaboration on making a difference in people’s lives, in the training of medical manpower, and in the discovery of new clinical knowledge and processes.


Summary list of positions held within Healthcare Systems -
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Projects Coordinator
Advanced Practice Nurse
Academic Nurse

Doctorate, Nursing Science
Masters of Nursing
Bachelor of Science
Legal Nurse Consultant
Executive Leadership in Health Information Technology Certificate


Grant Writer – co-wrote “Health Innovations Challenge” grant proposal, submitted to for Health Care Innovation Challenge grant funding, submitted on behalf of Louisiana State University Health Care Services Division, http://innovations.cms.gov/

Accepted for Paper Presentation – “Emergency Planning for Safe and Appropriate Management of Behavioral Health Patients during Disasters”, Integrated Medical, Public Health, Preparedness and Response Training Summit, Nashville, TN, May 21-25, 2012, http://teams.hhs.gov/conference/

Although not listed, I wrote this Op-Ed piece for our Chief Medical Officer – “LSU and CCNs A Good Fit”, November/December 2011, http://www.healthcarejournalbr.com/the-journal/hjbr-contents-index/features/255-lsu-and-ccns-a-good-fit

Accepted for Paper Presentation - "Retinal Screening Pilot Project: Making the Case for a New Service", 11th Annual Interdisciplinary Research Conference, Transforming Healthcare Through Research & Education, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland - November 4 & 5, 2010

Accepted for Paper Presentation – “Surviving the Unspeakable: Hurricanes Katrina and Rita”; International Nursing Research Conference, Facing the Challenge of Health Care Systems in Transition, Jerusalem, Israel – June 3, 2008

Accepted for Paper Presentation - “Academic Leadership: A Hospital CEO Perspective”; 2008 CASN Nursing Academic Leadership Conference, Toronto, Canada – May 8, 2008

Accepted for Paper Presentation – “Surviving the Unspeakable: Hurricanes Katrina and Rita”; International Council of Nurses, Nurses at the Forefront: Dealing with the Unexpected Conference, Japan – May 2007

Grant Writer – Nurse Family Partnership grant proposal, Supported by Baptist Community Ministries, 2003