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James Mcloughlin

Freelance Creative Writer & Editor

Location:Leeds, United Kingdom
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I have several of the qualifications detailed as necessary in the job description and would relish the opportunity to display them in a new working environment. Furthermore, I have all the essential communication and personal skills to enable to fit into an existing team structure.
My ability to operate in the workplace is not confined, however, to a team-based situation; I am capable of completing work of high importance on an independent platform if so required and enjoy the twin tasks of responsibility and hard work. Each of these leads to a key sense of accomplishment and achievement that would be crucial both for myself (in a new working environment) and the team (in gaining their confidence, trust and friendship) I would be working both for and with.
In my jobs thus far, I have worked mainly in a retail and service capacity, developing my skills of communication with customers, clients and colleagues to an exemplary degree and assisting managers as a senior staff member in the day-to-day running of the workplace. I have gained vital experience relative to this position in a work experience placement at Southport’s most widely distributed local newspaper, Champion. The editorial, proof-reading and team-assistance skills obtained from this placement would be both easily transferable and practically essential for this particular position.
Of course, the trust and faith of all my employers and fellow colleagues in all of the positions mentioned thus far are entirely relevant to the job of Editorial Assistant in and of themselves; the practical skills I also possess make me an ideal candidate to take it up.
I am also on the cusp of completing an English and Writing BA (Hons) degree at Leeds Trinity University college; currently, I am averaging an overall score of 69 – a borderline 2:1/1st class qualification. The transferable qualities the undertaking of this degree will enable me to bring into the workplace are numerous. I am extremely adept at proof-reading, spell-checking and text formatting in important formal and informal documents. I have extensive experience at meeting crucial deadlines and presenting key works and projects in a clear, concise and informative manner. I have also learnt much on the subject of publication and its processes. It was this skillset that enabled me to obtain the afore-mentioned work placement and then to subsequently pass the assessment in that module with a first-class mark.
In addition to this, I have a keen interest in creative writing which led to my debut poetry collection being published in 2011; during the process of the book’s design and compilation, I assisted my publisher in all aspects. I was able to communicate clearly my wishes for the book, help with the editing and type-setting and work closely with Valley Press in designing and producing the book. This has helped me to obtain valuable knowledge of the publishing process and given vital experience in working together in a team to produce of publication of high standard.
In addition to this, I have, in past positions, had to take on the role of staff trainer. This not only involves introducing new employees to company policies and procedures, teaching them the hows, whens, where and whys of their new jobs; it also means making new members of the team comfortable with their workplace surroundings and building confidence in management, as well as building a strong team rapport which helps the workplace to run efficiently. Thus, I am able to bring a vital leadership quality, coupled with experience, to a role that I am positive I would enjoy thoroughly applying myself to.
I thank you for taking to time to consider my application and look forward to hearing back from you.
James Mcloughlin
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