Robyn Biddle

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Location:Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Phone: +27 31 2622472
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19 Wellington Road, Westville, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

• Employed by NBS (a bank in South Africa) on a 6 month temporary basis, performing tasks related to data entry and mail sorting.
• I was required to extract data from customer surveys, new customer applications and current customer correspondence, to enter the information into spreadsheets for the purpose of keeping updated client records.
• I was also involved with the creation of a database using the information extracted from these sources, to determine which promotions or limited offer deals would be offered to the clients best suited to be able to accept such promotions - based on their income and any other vital statistics as necessary, especially since there are so many
ethnic groups in South Africa, all of which fall into different categories in terms of income and earning potential as well as location.
• After 3 months in the job, I was appointed Manager of the department, to oversee the team and ensure that all information was captured correctly and forwarded to the next process as necessary.
• This was only meant to be a temporary position, since I was due to start studying the following year, but the responsibility of working with and overseeing the staff, encouraged me to work more closely with the dynamics of the team which was beneficial since data capturing lends itself to be a largely solitary task, given the nature of
the work. Having said this, I have always been comfortable working solo on any given project, knowing I would be responsible for the final outcome and the job satisfaction therein was always an attraction for me.
• Moving abroad, where I completed my 2-year working/holiday visa in the UK, I worked for a company namely Communisis, where we worked on Natwest Bank’s corporate stationery. I was responsible for extracting data from
the spreadsheets received via email, and converting this to a graphic format for producing business cards, and thereby getting involved with desktop publishing which is another area I’ve been trained in.
• I have a good command of the English language, and am a fast typist with a rate of ±70wpm.
DTP and Graphic Design Work Experience
• I have worked in various disciplines involving graphic design and desktop publishing over the last 16 years, getting experience in various advertising agencies and production companies which I’ve really enjoyed.
• Once I had completed my apprenticeship at Hirt and Carter, I left to get more involved with design, working on different aspects of advertising - from retail accounts to publishing. I worked on travel brochures, and produced the Thompsons Tours 1999 brochure for South Africa, and was also required to produce a monthly magazine on Parenting every month for 6 months, which was an enormous task, but one I thoroughly enjoyed.
• I have also produced a website for a wedding venue owner, namely Providence, in the Natal Midlands.
• I have worked as an artworker/fi nished artist on the production side, taking the client-approved design from the design team and remastering it to produce a print-ready high quality job. Here I was involved with many packaging jobs for companies such as Spar, Unilever SA and Tiger Brands.
• I have also worked quite extensively on photo-retouching projects, for the Miladys retail account which was one of my big clients while working at The Hardy Boys Advertising Agency.
• When I left my full-time employ, to have children, I so enjoyed being at home with them, I decided to pursue the freelancing avenue, and this is what I have done the past few years. I have also been producing wedding stationery when there has been the demand for it, but since the market for such a product is so unpredictable, I have vested my time doing freelance graphic work, working closely with the Bond Choice Marketing Department
until January 2009 when the recession took hold and there was no longer work due to the many retrenchments.
• At the beginning of 2010, I enrolled on a Correspondence Photography Course through The Photographic Institute, and am still busy with the course, which I am due to complete by July 2011.
• I am looking to find full or part-time freelance work, be it administrative or data capture, or design work to keep myself stimulated and inspired, especially as my children
are now at school.

Macromedia Freehand Skill level: 9/10
Adobe Photoshop Skill level: 8/10
Dreamweaver Skill level: 6/10
Adobe Illustrator Skill level: 6/10
Adobe Indesign Skill level: 7/10
MS Word Skill level: 8/10
MS Excel Skill level: 8/10
MS Powerpoint Skill level: 7/10

1994 NBS Bank - Doing Data Capturing & Entry for Customer/Client Records.

1994 - 1996 Hirt & Carter Training School (Durban, SA) for apprenticeship

1996 - 1997
RJ Palmer Advertising - Packaging design for Lamberti’s and retail jewellery account design & layout for a newsletter (6 month contract for experience)

1997 - 1998
Whalley & Associates Advertising - Retail account designer and DTP/artwork operator (6 month contract for experience)

Edumac Training Centre - Training students to use Macromedia Freehand and Adobe Photoshop (6 month contract)

1998 - 1999
Freelance Designer for Travel Company - Thompsons Tours, designing and producing the South Africa1999 issue travel magazine

1999 - 2001
UK 2-year working/holiday visa - working for Communisis doing Data Entry and DTP work on Natwest stationery and cheques

2001 - 2002
Synergy Africa Advertising - working on various retail accounts doing design and DTP work. Had to take voluntary retrenchment due to agency losing accounts.

2002 - 2003
Caxton Magazines producing the monthly Living & Loving Magazine (6 month contract before company relocating).

2003 - 2006
The Hardy Boys Advertising - Finished Art/Artworker position for packaging production jobs and various retail accounts. I left to have a baby in Feb 2006.

2006 - 2011
I currently work on any freelance projects I am requisitioned to do, which has included a Christian Business Magazine, namely Connect, for the last 6 months, working from home. I have also been involved helping my husband set up a framing business, keeping myself busy with administrative tasks and also doing the necessary marketing and creating a web page for the company. That said, I would love the opportunity of getting more involved with doing freelance work, should I be fortunate to get any design or administrative work. I am not proud.

1989 - 1993
Westville Girls High School, Matriculated in 1993

Completed a 3 month Desktop Publishing Course at Hirt & Carter Training Centre.

1995 - 1998
Studied a Commercial Art Diploma through correspondence while completing my
2 year apprenticeship at Hirt & Carter Print & Production.

Completed my certificate to qualify as a Deck Hand on a yacht, with Ocean Sailing Academy.

2010 - 2011
Advanced Photography Diploma with The Photography Institute
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