Matthew J. Dorsey

Freelance Ad Designer & Graphic Designer

Location:Jamaica, New York, United States
2 Skills
11/2005– 12/2012

Jobs covered under Dorsey & Dorsey Advertising
Marketing Manager
- Strategic planning/built conceptual ideas amongst the mobile marketing industry
- Delivering & developing concepts and ideas of new start up businesses
- Maintaining relationships between American and European publications
- Direct responsibility for the planning and deliver y of all signed projects
- Working as the Liaison between U.S, European and Asian relations
- Implementing & over seeing International conference development
- Over seeing design product before being sent to production
- Maintaining staff meeting for conceptual campaigning ideas
- Over seeing publication editorials before being sent to print
- Over seeing & directing a staff of 10 employees

Capital Mountain Holding Corporation (CMHC)- London, United Kingdom
PR & Business Marketing Manager
- Created marketing ideas for business conferences set across North America
- Responsible for Ad placements amongst the top publications across the globe
- Responsible and creation of e vent presentations for international conferences
- Relocated to London UK to develop & build further offices under CMHC
- Directing the strategic planning for raising capital throughout Europe & Asia
- Published adverts in magazines & Newspapers such as European CEO Magazine, World Finance Magazine, Financial Times, London Times, Dallas CEO Magazine, Miami Herald etc…
- Responsible for developing and managing business relationships between countries such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Toronto Canada, London UK, Tokyo Japan & Shanghai China
- Face to face case & telephone conferencing with international clients
- Managing a Budget of a quarter of a million dollars
- Time recording and meeting financial targets
- Managing of global and regional promotions

Hillview Park Estates - London, United Kingdom
Marketing Re-branding & Ad placement
- Branding/logo creations – created packaging designs with logos
- Web marketing – Idea creation for web sites and web designs
- Key responsibility for building new business portfolio
- Managing and delivering any collateral materials
- Conceptual and Creative Development

CityScape Conferences (at Jacob Javits Center) - Ne w York, N .Y - USA
Campaign & Project Manager For CMHC.
- Maintaining and managing relationships between Investors and the company
- Managing the deliverance of the corporate product materials
- Delivering the conceptual layout of the projected ideas
- Creation of collateral material for corporate branding
- Over seeing the projected business proposal
- Responsible for campaigning Schemes
- Managing a staff of 8

Systems XX I – Las Vegas, Nevada
Branding Manager
- Develop visual design concept for marketing material to be produce
- Managing all business marketing write ups for e vent presentations
- Managed editorial write ups for magazine promotion
- Designed and developed web material

Kynmotta Mobile – Ne w York, N.Y - USA
Analysis Business Consultant
- Delivering the proper image and design for product marketing to take place
- Responsible for strategic and innovating business strategies
- Testing the product before being sent to mass manufacture
- Responsible for producing the business marketing kit
- Implementing new business product and design
- Responsible for concept write up materials

Reynolds & Associates - Ne w York, NY - USA
Marketing Campaign & Ad placement
- Conceptual and Creative Development (Creation Of Company Marketing Kit)
- Design creative magazine covers and magazine spreads
- Catalog and Collateral Production

Indashio Inc. (Celebrity Fashion Designer) - Ne w York, NY - USA
Marketing / Event Campaign Manager
- Controlled charity e vents and Sponsorship participation opportunities
- Creation of the visual material for corporate branding during e vents
- Delivering ad placements amongst the fashion industry
- Responsible for Sales Promotions
- Catalog and Magazine Publishing

01/2007 – 12/2007 Conde Nast Publications (Women’s Wear Daily) - New York, NY - USA
Web Producer director
- Editing & indexing next day’s online newspaper for global viewers
- Updating website with the current new s to go live at 12 midnight
- Handling Breaking news and uploading information to the website

10/2006 - 12/2006 Japanese Productions - Tokyo, Japan
(Soft Bank Cell Phone Commercial With Cameron Diaz) Production Manager (Filmed in NYC)
- Brainstorm, design, planning, execution & re vie w of promotional mediums
- Responsible for over looking performers’ actions as well as maintaining the proper lighting, properties and sound cue

01/2005 - 04/2006 Comedy Central Television -Ne w York, NY
Production Assistant
- Sat in on production staff meetings and performances
- Over seeing the final building stage for performances to take place
- Responsible for maintaining the proper lighting, properties and sound cues

02/2004 - 02/2005 Black Entertainment Television (BET) & MTV USA - New York, NY
Production Assistant
- Assisting Celebrities to there position for production performances
- Engage with executives, staff, and related personnel in the development of production scheme
- Stood present during all recordings with responsibilities of the lighting and sound cues

Art Institute of New York City, New York
Major: in Computer Graphic Design, 10/2004 – 03/2006

Barry University, Miami, FL
Major: Computer Graphic Design, 08/2002 – 05/2004
Minor: Business

New Hampton Prep, New Hampshire - USA
Major: Media Design Advertising, 07/1998 – 05/2002

Business Development, Business Consulting, Business Operations, Adobe
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat Graphic Software: QuarkXpress .

Europe – London & Birmingham UK. Calais France, Antwerp & Brussels Belgium, Amsterdam Netherlands. Dubrovnik Croatia, Madrid & Barcelona Spain
North America - Toronto Canada, Ne w York NY, Miami & Orlando Florida, Charlotte NC, Boston Massachusetts, Concord New Hampshire. Providence Rhode Island, Dallas Texas .
Asia – Beijing China, Tianjin China, Shanghai China
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