Gaz Penney

Freelance Drawer & Illustrator

Location:Connahs Quay, Flintshire, United Kingdom
Phone: 07772652004
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There is not really too much to say about myself, other than I am me. I let my mind control evertything I do, this quite offten leads to some quite odd and eye opening experiences from time to time.
I personaly belive that art is a way that we all can express are emotions and feeling and also a way of showing the true beauty of life but thats just me.

I am inspired by artists such as "Noah" who usese new tecniques and methods to create lifelike pieces, which seem so real they seem to be alive. I am also heavyly inspired by artists who try and work outside of the box with new and un heard ways of creating pieces with different medias and ways of applying them or experiment with subjects that that are controversial because they shock you and are quite memorable too. Because they always stick in your mind and make you think.
So as you have probally guessed, I am quite expermental with my my materials, because I'm bored of the old ways that I had to study in college, and like to let my mind take over.
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