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I was born in Medicane Hat, Alberta Canada and raised in Western North America! My cultural background is somewhat enriched due to many travels and various places of residency since April 22, 1981. I've been exposed to different ethnicities as well as a variety of cultures created by socio-economic factors. I start off with my upbringing in this manner as it encompasses a great deal of who I am today and where I decide to move forward from here. I find myself in a position to relate to people on a more wordly scale than just per individual! For example I have observed that no matter how small, big, skinny, beautiful, rich or poor a person is, everyone I have encountered has one goal: Happiness. Yes happiness has many definitions depending on who you talk to, but simply put, we are all striving for that same elusive goal, our journey on earth a pursuit of happiness. Theoretically even sociopaths look for happiness, though they are not thwarted by the social customs or standards most of us adhere to and thus aspire to achieve their happiness through whatever means necessary.

Happiness as I have mentioned has various definitions. I aspire to reach a place of contentment with whatever situation I may find myself in, to live in the present, mindful of my own emotions but not bound by them, to experience every moment to it's fullest potential and to share this pot of gold with those whose lives that intertwine with mine own. My husband would say that happiness is to be comfortable financially for ourselves and our following generations. Just as there are many different definitions of happiness, there are just as many paths we choose to follow in order to find our bliss! My journey has led me through different residencies, alcholism and recovery from alcoholism to presently a mother, wife, dauther, and women on a personal growth tangent.

On a more specific day to day note: Coffee makes me happy now and in the persent and as long as I have my cup of java at my side, I can undertake almost anything. Some like food, some enjoy phyiscal activity, others like shopping and some may resort to drugs or alcohol while I have chosen to love and be happy with my Vienti 5 Shot Skinny Caramel Machiatto with extra drizzle please!

At 30 years old I have grown to appreciate my more introverted dispostion with an extroverted interest in people! I am ok with who I am in relation to others. I love being in positions to be useful to people and strive to qaulm whatever aches them. However many people I am now acquainted to though, I only remain intimately connected to a few. I am comfortable (however don't necessarily appreciate) with the fact that I have gone and will go through bouts of severe depression throughout my life. There are times where I am to exhausted to fight it's impending entrance into my soul, but I have grown to realize that I'm always inspired into the light at some point and thus have learned to accept the experience as it is, an experience.

My interest in people, persuaded by my own experiences growing up, led me to a B.A. in Psychology with a Minor in Sociology which has only fostered further interest in people in general. I'm facinated by our behaviors, as well as in various diagnostic disorders and of course the criminal mind. If I had skill in the ability to pick out minute details I'd be a psychological profiler, or perhaps had I took a different path educationally I might have been a forensic psychologist. However my journey has not or is not leading in those directions, though it does facilitate in what shows, movies or books I tend to endorse! The only show that can captivate my attention for an entire hour without lending myself out to different distractions (incl. blogging) is currently Criminal Minds!

I love people just as much as I love being on my own doing solitary activities such as reading or writing. My husband and I are different on every level (including the nine years between us and our obviously different cultural backgrounds), however these differences are exactly what we need to be ourselves and to be together at the same time! It's a pretty awesome arrangement that works for both of us! We do have one thing in common that keeps the fights that inevitably ensue with such difference in opionions ... we both have love for one another! We come from very different paths that merged because of our extenuiating circumstances for himself as well as myself! I suppose we can thank our God for that!

Which brings me to the religous aspect of myself! I consider myself Christian who more than tolerates the beliefs that others may possess. I have come to an understanding that once again we are perhaps looking at the same thing, just with different lenses and hence may have a certain appreciation for various religions that others may not have. I've done some exploring in the Eastern religions in my earlier years that have only confirmed my religious outlook on life.

Being a mother of two and step-mother to three additional beautiful kids I also have an avid interest in creating, building and guiding an enriching life for those who will follow in my footsteps. Having become a mother three years ago, my life has drastically shifted from self pursuits to pursuits that reflect a better life, for life I helped to create! I wouldn't change the repetitive games, dirty diapers, mean glares, slaps in the face or public humiliation for anything in the world! I thank God for giving me this one gift that has truly brought me to a higher place in my own life!

I have future goals, but due to past experience I also embrace to expect twists and turns unforseeable! In the meantime lets chat about it with our cup of java (though if you prefer tea, juice or a glass of milk with oreo cookies don't let that hold you back).
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