Edilberto Restino

Freelance Videographer & Video Producer

Location:London, United Kingdom
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Editor, Cinematographer, Director
Edilberto Restino, sociologist, is a multi award-winning film director, producer, cinematographer, editor.
Restino (know in Brazil as Restini) started his career as photographer in parallel with an actor carrier in theatre. Worked with publicity for many years, has directed plays and wrote 2 books, "Ser, Nao Estar" and "COH, Onirico!". He had his own publicity agency and actor agency in Brazil for 6 years. As sociologist he was invited by the environmental organization Planeta Verde in Sao Paulo, and became their director of communication for 13 years. He was as well vice-president of SOS Fauna Brazil for 5 years, an organization that fights against wild traffic in the Brazilian forests. Because those works he was invited to run as candidate for State Deputy elections for Sao Paulo state and MP elections in Sao Paulo city. In UK he worked with adults with learning disabilities for 4 years in charity organizations. In 2008, in UK, Restino produced, directed and did the cinematography for Red Letter ( a teaser/pilot for the feature Timeless Eye that he is producing in Brazil at moment) which became the first short film from Brighton Film Studios to be chosen by the British Society of Cinematographers to be premiered at the Pinewood Studios New Cinematographers Night in 2008. To date, Red Letter has won 10 awards from film festivals across the UK and USA including Best Director, Best Visual/Cinematography twice, Best Set Design and Best Short Film 3 times. He did the cinematography of the feature "Scandalous Four" in 2009, and it was awarded in 2011 at British Independent Film Festival and in California International Film Festival. In 2009/10, Restino directed Beijo de Morena (Brunette Kiss) marking his first collaboration with Oscar winning composer Stephen Warbeck, multi award winning cinematographer Tony Imi and producer Paul E. Brooker. Brunette Kiss was finalized in June 2010, wining Best Director Award at Rob Knox Film Festival 2011, the Best Visual Award at Limelight Film Awards in London 2010, The Grand Prix Award, The Best Set Design Award and Best Performance in a Film Award at The EOTP International Film Festival 2011/12, and it is
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