Ted Jung

Freelance Video Producer & Video Editor

Location:Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
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Ted Jung Jr.

(808) 292-0822                                   
663 Hao Street
Honolulu, HI 96821

Professional Experience

Simple Media Hawaii                                Present

Produces and writes Live TV shows, short and long format videos and commercials; serves as a media consultant for broadcast, non-broadcast, web and social media.
Negotiates with unions in regards to contracts for independent film companies.
Represents television network, acts as liaison to independent producer of television series produced for network broadcast. produces and coordinates various aspects of TV programs; interviews and selects screenwriters and cast principals from staff members or outside talent.
Raises funding, read, researches and assesses ideas and finished scripts; commissions writers or secures the rights to plays or screenplays
Reviews budget and expenditures for programs or commercial productions for conformance to budgetary restrictions.
Outlines program to be produced and evaluates finished script; coordinated various aspects of production, such as audio work, scenes, music, timing, camera work and script writing.
Gives instructions to staff to schedule broadcast and to develop and coordinate details to obtain desired production.
Reviews productions to ensure objectives are attained; views taped program to select scenes to be used for promotional purposes, using video equipment.
Coordinates production details to produce live television programs from various locations distant from the station.

Liquid Planet Studios                                      2001 – 2009
Managing Partner, General Manager
Performed as General Manager and ran day to day operations; secured contracts with new and existing clients; acquired new business and serviced existing clients.
Performed marketing for the company in publications and on the web; created budgets and estimates for clients; produced and wrote TV shows and commercials.
Raised funding, read, researched and assessed ideas and finished scripts; commissioned writers or securing the rights to plays or screenplays.
Produced sporting events, music series, entertainment programs and commercials.
Composed and edited scripts to meet management or other requirements
Built and developed a network of contacts; hired key staff, including a director and a crew to shoot films or videos.
Liaised and discussed projects with financial backers, used computer software packages for screenwriting, budgeting and scheduling.

TJ Productions                                      1990 – 2001
Produced TV shows, sporting events, educational videos and commercials; worked as a media consultant for broadcast and non-broadcast clients.
Controlled budget and allocated resources; pulled together all the strands of creative and practical talent involved in the project to create a team.
Maintained contemporary technical skills; organized shooting schedules, depending on the type of producer and availability of support staff.
Supervised the progress of the project from production to post production; held regular meetings with the director to discuss characters and scenes.
Performed troubleshooting as needed; acted as a sounding board for the director; brought the finished production in on budget.

Other Work Experience

Pacific Focus Inc.                                  1986 – 1990
Producer, Production Manager

KITV (ABC Affiliate)                            1986
Studio and location Tech

Education & Technical Skills

Gonzaga University, Bachelors of Arts in Broadcast Studies, 1986

Microsoft Office Suite _Photoshop _FinalCut Pro_DVD Studio Pro _Video _Audio _Mac_PC

Awards: Regional Emmy _Telly Awards _MOMA Awards _Pele Awards _48-Hour Film Festival Regional Winner

Has Experienced Working With: Janet Jackson _Dwayne Johnson_Tony Romo_Junior Seau
John Elway_Cheryl Ladd_Al Gore_Ronald Reagan_Randy Jackson_Paula Abdul_Simon Cowell
Ryan Seacrest_Evangeline Lily_Matthew Fox_Josh Holloway_Jack Johnson_Tom Selleck_Robin Leach

Volunteer Experience:
United Cerebral Palsy Hawaii, Board Member
Soccer, Baseball and Football, Youth Coach

References Gladly Provided Upon Request

Ted Jung Jr. Client List

Merrie Monarch Festivals 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Kamehameha Song Contest 2005-2012
Pizza Hut
Dominos Pizza
Pizza Hut
Mauna Loa Mac Nut
Budlight In Tune Concert Series
Hawaii Stars
Gracie MMA
Pro Elite MMA
Jaguar CEO Tour
X-Terra Championships
Oceanic Time Warner Cable Sports 2004-2008

Location Manager, Production Manager or Coordinator:
ESPN            King World            American Idol Season 5    
Fox Sports        E! Entertainment        PBS Hawaii
Fox Kids            EXTRA!                    Pro Bowl (Hawaii) 2007-2008
ABC                Inside Edition            BBC
NBC                989 Studios            True Hollywood Stories
CBS                MTV                        Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous
CNN                VH1                        E! News
Discovery Channel        HARPO Productions    Amazing Race
Lifetime Network        Banyan Productions
Travel Channel        Rysher Entertainment
A&E                         Encore
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Video Production
Video Editing