Damian Lockett

Freelance Manual Writer & Editor

Location:Chipping Norton, New South Wales, Australia
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Damian Lockett
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E-Mail: dlockett6@hotmail.com

Personal Profile
A highly motivated and determined Technical Writer, with extensive research and analysis experience founded upon training and skills gained within a technical engineering environment. Proven adaptability and commitment with experience working in extreme circumstances as an individual, as a member and also as a leader of a team where steadfast determination were often the key to task achievement. Combining a technical and managerial background with a medical and scientific understanding a well presented, confident, resourceful and ambitious individual.

Foundation Environmental Management- (Biology, Chemistry, Land Management)
SQA HNC Engineering
SQA HNC Manufacturing Systems
BTEC National Engineering Aerospace Studies
City and Guilds Basic Engineering Competences
City and Guilds Engineering Q
Q-AHR7-A Composites
Technical Author Tool Sets Adobe Framemaker, Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe InDesign, Epic,
Visio, AVP70, SGML & Microsoft Office and SharePoint

Professional History

MTU Detroit Diesel Australia June 2010 - Present
Technical Writer/Documenter
Project Technical Writer-encompassing planning, deliverables and product TLS (Through Life Support)

Development, production and compilation of Technical and Training manuals (RAN) including:
- Design and operation
- Research and development
- Support and testing equipment
- Test evaluation
- Illustration development and support
- Quality assurance verification
- Life cycle costing
- Contract legislation
- Preventative and corrective maintenance planning
- Safety case report analysis
- Provisioning data
- Codification support

Kinetic Defence Feb – June 2010

Management of medical/engineering candidates:

- Candidate sourcing: using diverse system database techniques and search methods, and the technical writing of adverts for industry specific roles within the medical and technical sectors.
- Assessment: interviewing and technical evaluation-ensuring experience meets the client’s expectations and requirements.
- Technical Documentation: Reviewing, amending and processing of documentation.

Qantas: Technical Writer/Engineer 2009-Feb 2010
- Publication production and documentation control.
- Research, fault diagnosis and testing of hydraulic and cryogenic systems.
- Quality Safety System Auditing.
- Modification and repair of associated components.

BAESYSTEMS: Technical Writer 2007-2009
Development, production and compilation of Technical Manuals including engineering and scientific procedures, operation manuals, policies, system specifications and user guides in both electronic and hard copy formats.

This incorporated
- Accurate research of information, combined with quality assurance verification undertaken to provide the customer with the highest standard of Publications produced using toolsets including Adobe Framemaker, Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe InDesign, Epic, Visio, AVP70, MS Office and SGML.

- Evaluating and undertaking complex and time critical projects: Working with professional bodies to produce technical updates and modifications to various technical systems, ensuring that component/compound/chemical data collected was correct and consistent throughout the Publication Suites.

- Interpreting and determining extremely difficult technical material for publication: Liasing with Technical Illustrators ensuring that new schematic information and updates were both clear and accurate, representing new Technical Procedures.

- Project planning, reviewing, budgeting, monitoring and tasks varied, from the support of routine modifications and upgrades to urgent and sometimes safety critical changes: Investigating an inconsistent issue that had not been previously noticed about the correct routing of a ‘drogue canopy withdrawal line’, my approach, results, and professionalism about such an important safety critical issue was highly commended.

- Process Analysis and Mapping. Component handling, transfer, repair and testing procedures were all addressed. The results gave an improved component ‘turn around’ time of about a quarter, and this therefore saved the company financially.

Technical Writer -Technical Engineer 1997 - 2007
Document maintenance produced using British Standards and ISO9001-Quality and Safety documents.
- Auditing of routine maintenance procedures, component installation and testing.

- Hazardous materials and safe handling: Control, training and documentation of specialised hazardous materials with Government body COSHH.

- Technical bay and personnel management: incorporating detailed component assessment, research and understanding of technical drawings and scientific data.

- Chip removal, testing and recording of various fluid systems.

- Safety management systems, practices, procedures and measures: Investigation and correction projects.

Key Professional Attributes
• Competent manager who is able to motivate and lead others
• Experienced in the extrapolation, interpretation and collation of highly technical/scientific/mathematical information
• Proficient in planning, prioritising and managing of tasks, ensuring they are completed on time and to the highest professional standard
• Fault diagnosis and problem solving, thinking ‘out of the box’

Key Career Highlights
• Manager:
Management of a Technical Bay: prioritising research, diagnosis, testing and repair.
• Lean Implementation:
Member of a research team whose investigation, testing and results increased the company’s overall effectiveness in the production and delivery of their service.
• Resourcefulness:
Whilst carrying out a highly complex analysis on a technical precision system, managed to successfully diagnose and repair a reoccurring technical fault where many others had failed. This action saved the component from being scrapped and thus my employer monetarily.

Training and Certifications
ISO 9000-2000: Project Report and Investigation
CAD CAM Design
Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) -PFD and Fluorescent
-Eddy Currents and Ultrasonic
First Aid and Fire Fighting
Health and Safety: OH&S
Leadership: Supervising and training personnel on complex component repair and testing procedures.

Skills Matrix
Body Qualification
OCR RSA Computer Literacy/IT Stage 1
GCSE Eight including English, Maths and Physics
Skills (2) Rating
Manual Writing