Freelance Fashion Illustrator & Portrait Artist

Location:Manchester, United Kingdom
2 Skills
My name is Rebecca Elliston (aka BeckiBoos) and welcome!

I am a freelance illustrator from Preston, England and I am a recent graduate with a BA Hons in Drawing and Image Making.

My main passion is working in fashion illustration and I love using my faithful fine liner and black pencil when I draw. My inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes, from fashion editorials to the dark circles around my eyes! I love quirky new ideas and bold colours.

When I start a picture I tend to start the old fashioned way with a pencil and paper (you can’t beat a bit of pencil and paper) then I start inking in with a black pen and use a black pencil for shading. Finally, its scanned into photoshop to add colour and textures. If I didn't stop myself I could play with one picture for DAYS.

I love to draw, but when I’m not doing that I also love to blog about my illustrations and the creative process. I find it’s a good motivation to keep improving my work, try new ideas and see how people react to them.

If you wish to contact me about commissions, be it personal or commercial, feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.