Loretta Spearman

Freelance Fashion Illustrator & Technical Project Manager

Location:Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
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Loretta Spearman


MarMac Industries, c/o DuPont Protective Apparel, McBee, SC May 2011 - March 2012
Product Development Engineer for controlled environment and chemical protective apparel for use in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and cleanroom environments.
• Product Development: initial product base conceptualization - ranging from apparel, sterile clean room products inclusive of gowns, coveralls, Top level chemical resistant fully encapsulated masks and gloves, with target consumers in mind. The ability to translate specific test results into viable solutions, which engage safety principles as outlined in AASTM test standards.
• Manage new product for key essential product lines, with relative budgetary planning. Scheduled production timelines for Chemical garment certification testing using SEI, & Intertek .
• Lead in new fabric material technology and strategic product performance initiatives led by budget, and forecast of resource allocation.
• Research for fabrication and trim specification inclusive of MSDS and all testing objectives in compliance with DuPont product standards, inclusive of material composition, performance and compatibility for each specific scientific analysis, with regards to project management.
• Communication with Global partners, and customers to manage all facets of project analysis, scheduling, and tracking timelines for completion.

Rainey Compression Essentials, Atlanta GA March 2009-May 2011
Director of Design and Manufacturing apparel for plastic surgery patients
• Strategically plan a budget for manufacturing and manage key milestone areas of garment production, as it interacts with sales / marketing. Research market for new product development strategies, forecast new product designs considering competitive marketplace.
• Lead development and execution of material/technology for finished products regarding cost management strategies. Material testing for fabric performance: worked closely with textile mill to develop performance –specific fiber weave & yarn selection, as fabric is performance driven to heal plastic surgery patients after evasive surgeries.
• As lead project manager, initiated high -efficiency methods to streamline existing shipping methods with a results driven increase for on-time deliveries which led to reduced shipping expenses of 75% within 6 months review.
• Manage sewing workflow process by re-evaluating construction methods and trims while cutting costs by sourcing with alternate vendors. Negotiating costs to further manage inventory replenishment.
• Consistently researched for growth mapping and potential product markets.
• Pattern creation, and sampling, all managed in Gerber Accumark PDS.
• Revisited grading to ensure proper application and sizing.
• Manage sample room and entire sew floor as goods were produced in-house domestic.

Putumayo c/o Kayon Corporation, Charleston, SC September 2007- March 2009
Director of Production & Technical Design for women’s apparel wholesaler and retailer.
• Leverage proficiency in Patternmaking and Technical Design to develop specs from concept to final production specs, inclusive of creating graded specs, or thorough evaluation of current grading repair.
• Managed tracking to include performing fit sessions in country and controlling utilizations while establishing and nurturing agent relationships to inspect and open trade w new factories fostered thru negotiations of cost-fit cost margins.
• Developed technical design team using the best choice of tools to effectively communicate fit directives to the factories/agents. Arranged trim vendor meetings to establish in-country training sessions and trim vendor meetings to bridge trim/ vendor relations via a direct link to the factories.
• Established fit blocks and entire patternmaking, CAD Accumark, Gerber for full grading, also worked with patternmaking team in country- Hong Kong & China, as well as India to ensure corporate technical aspects were in compliance. Managed to approve fits on 2nd submission as a result of this Global engineering of fit processes.
• Global vendor tracking report -master Time-N-Action target calendar- was established for streamlining entire production processes to designate a real-time movement of each level of movement from design concept receipt through fit approval and bulk deliveries.
• Controlled costs, inclusive of raw materials, factory negotiations, LDP and customs clearance, exit dates, and Quality Assurance from a manufacturing perspective. Budgeted departmental payroll, and monitored group performance levels for quarterly review.
• Coordinated and Sourced a full range of production factories in country, visited and inspected for sewing capacity, labor laws requirements, and quality of output. Established a matrix vendor structure specific to each product.
• Managed direct reports: ranging from Technical design: Assistant technical designers & Technical Designers, overseas production coordinator and technical designers. Traveled extensively to India via New Delhi, Haryana, Noida, Gurgoan, and Rajasthan- all for design hand-off & production management purposes. Also traveled to Hong Kong, China & Bogota, Colombia to direct and manage production abroad and work w factories on production targets , efficiency training, and always having insight to potential manufacturing issues.

Hanes Brands Incorporated, Winston-Salem, North Carolina January 2007- July 2007
Freelance Technical Design Manager/ CAD Patternmaker for Champion ( Men’s and Women’s ) and C9 Label- Women’s ( Target brands ).
• Trained technical design staff on how to detect and apply corrective patternmaking techniques and communicate accurately to factory.
• Established training manual for company technical design standards for in depth fit corrective communication to factories, and how the factory will perceive and interpret comments which are effectively communicated.
• Fit on live model and established basic fit blocks for new Men’s Champion active bottoms that was tantamount for improved sales. Also corrected fits on C9 Women’s activewear ( also Target Brands ) .
• Retrained Technical Design staff on how to issue design concept specs, which allow for 2nd fit approvals and extend the full production timelines.
• Effectively communicated to factories specific word choice, and descriptive photos, sketches, etc, creating designs overseeing production processes to flow smoothly.

Limited Brands Inc, Columbus, Ohio April 2006 – June 2006
Freelance Technical Design Manager for women’s knits. Contractually hired as a fit expert to target a huge fit issue within the express brand for tops to improve sales:
• Retrained technical design staff of 4 how to review patterns for fit issues and re-balance to correct factories patterns , and fit blocks. Fit on live models, and transfer corrections to patterns.
• Make pattern corrections in Accumark CAD, and digitize sending to vendor using PDF files.
• Established fit standards and processes to decrease fit turn times thru bulk.
• Improved overall product quality standards in fit reviews.

Abercrombie & Fitch, New Albany, Ohio October 2003 – April 2006
Technical Designer for Ruehl women and men’s wovens to include: outerwear, denim , skirts , pants , shorts knits, sweaters and woven tops Also Hollister Men’s woven bottoms and shirts.
• Developed the fourth apparel concept with a start up label named “Ruehl”. Created a “winning fit” for women’s outerwear, and established a standard Fit for all previously established labels. Initiated a bottoms fit for denim that was tantamount in identifying and rooting the Ruehl customer.
• Managed technical associates through effective training strategies and departmental leadership.
• Ability to execute design and fit into bulk production while maintaining company standards of fit,
Function, scheduling and quality assurance..
• Promoted brand integrity and fit consistency through use of pattern fit blocks based on selling history and evolving fit. Expertise in patternmaking including grading, construction and fit for multiple and complex styles.
• Denim bottoms and outerwear fit established with Mexico travels to work extensively with factory and dye-house on deconstructive finishes, and special wash results inclusive of trim and thread treatments.
• Working knowledge of garment manufacturing methods, construction standards and ability to pro-
actively problem solve factory issues . Web PDM utilized for design and production flow.
• Extensive Travels to overseas factories and vendor offices to work directly with manufacturer on fit and garment construction issues and patternmaking. Worked on-site directly in sample room and effectively communicated with production staff in Hong Kong, Dalian and Guangzhou China, Querretaro Mexico for denim production. Daily Communication to maintain production flow, worked closely with each factory to learn their strengths and foresee their weaknesses, and achieve on-time delivery.

Saks Incorporated, Birmingham, Alabama January 2001 – September 2003
Technical Designer for Private label Relativity and Design Lab
• Developed 2 product lines for private label brands including Missy and special sizes. Individually improved fit of woven bottoms to lead at 10% - 12% increase in sales over plan for 11 months consistently. Re-established a working bottoms fit for Missy, Women’s and Petite’s to include denim and woven pants, shorts, skirts and skorts.
• Managed 3 associates within the Technical area as assistant technical designers and developed them into full technical design associates within 6 months
• Applied grade rules to size ranges and converted specs to grade up to Women’s and down to Petite sizes from Missy.
• Communicated daily to brand product managers, overseas vendors, and quality assurance for best construction methods and trim application.
• Review, cultivate new factories, and eliminate factories that were not capable of on-time delivery w/ quality results.
• International travel to Canada to review garments manufacturing standards and fit on live models.

Aramark Uniform and Career Services, Lawrenceville, Georgia August 1997 – December 2000
CAD Patternmaker/Grader
• Created apparel for a leading healthcare uniform manufacturer: Hospital gowns, sterile wraps, scrubs, using CAD Gerber Accumark and Micromark PDS System. Developed product from flat sketches via draping and use of existing patterns. Increased productivity 20% by standardizing specs and using repeat approved slopers.
• Applied grade rules in systems management program to obtain customer fit specifications. Digitized patterns for production marking and specification processes Engineered specialized drapes for surgical procedures on a customized basis.
• Refined product engineering details with marking to rotate placement in marker and improved fabric utilization. Results were increased sales: lower lead cost and customer satisfaction was maintained.
• Traveled to JC Penney for ADAR fit specification standards to fit live model and improve overall fit.

The Lovable Company, Buford, Georgia November 1993 – August 1997
CAD Patternmaker/ Fitter
• Created various types of bras, molding cups and under wire including support undergarments.
• Managed patterns using Gerber CAD to include grading.
• Supervised fit model and a team of 2 assistants for daily scheduling.
• Communicated via e-mail with overseas factory for production processes.
• Lovable is a women’s lingerie company, at the time offered bras, panties, and some sleepwear.

Natori, New York, New York November 1992 – December 1993
Production Manager
• Individually located domestic contractor for manufacturing the Josie product line. Managed and supervised cut and sew production for several lines under the Josie Natori Label to include daywear, lingerie, wovens, robes, sleepwear, foundations,
and accessories.
• Managed sampleroom to include 20 sample sewers, 2 cutters and 6 designers while meeting market week deadlines for buyers. Peak volume yielded 350-500 product categories to include daywear, robes, loungewear, lingerie, sleepwear, foundations and some accessories.
• Negotiated with contractors for costing domestic and Philippines manufacturing. Scheduled and tracked production for raw materials through shipment.

Cynthia Rowley, New York, New York June/1990 – January/1992
Production Manager
• Developed bridge sportswear from sketches and flat patterns, also created tech packages. Lines included Missy dresses, woven, cut n sew knits, denim and garment dyeing.
• Negotiated and managed domestic sourcing for delivery exit –factory dates.
• Sourced and allocated trim and piece goods for production. Originated cut orders and designated cut room facilities as well as sew factories. Daily communication with overseas factories /agents for delivery scheduling .

Hattie Mae Designs Owner and Designer of free standing Boutique 1998 – 2001
Established full boutique and attended wholesalers to purchase inventory. Developed inventory control systems to forecast “best seller" items. Created individual custom designed clothing through the use of flat patterns for men, women and children. Bridal wear, costumes, eveningwear, and special events attire. Developed a customer base to include an amateur boxer and other celebrities.
• This was a 10 year dream that came true, I opened and ran the boutique for 2 ½ years and designed my own line of apparel, along with custom-designed apparel, and jewelry. I would do this again, but on a larger scale.

• Strong computer skills to include Gerber Accumark, Web PDM, PDS, Karat Cad Organizer, MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, Excel, Word, Illustrator CS2 and Micrografix.
• Proven ability to effective management supervision of technical team for multiple product categories (i.e. woven, denim, cut & sew knits). Expert fit analysis and production controls

EDUCATION: The Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City, New York
Bachelor of Science in Apparel Production and Management* Associates in Applied Science Patternmaking
Bauder Fashion College, Atlanta, Georgia
Associates in Applied Science Fashion Design*

Graduated *** Laude
Honor Roll Student: Recipient of New York State Empire Award
President of Patternmaking Club
Volunteer for Children with Aids Program New York, New York
Annual Productivity Award For Technical Design: recipient for fiscal year 2002 presented by The President of Saks Private Label Brands, Peggy Eskenasi