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Location:Bridgewater, Massachusetts, United States
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I'm the solution, I am the absolute, and answer to your needs. I have been selling my designs since 1977 and I have worked for some of the largest distributors of my t-shirt designs in the world which includes many companies in Europe. I work in (3) phases that being the idea or sketch (that must be approved by you. 2. Then I ink the design (which also has to be approved) and lastly 3. I do all my own color separations (which also must be approved upon sale). No I am not some kid or new to designing in anyway shape or form, another words I will deliver what you want when you want it with no excuses. This is what sets me apart from the rest and makes me one of the best in the field. I am working daily on CS5.5 working with to learn more on the tech side but nothing can compete to the natural skills I possess. Samples given upon request.


Well where to begin....I have been designing since 1977, I also went to Arizona State University for Art and quickly became the states most notable artists. I went on to win many contests and as a young adult I have worked for companies such as, "Sears & Roebucks, JC Penny, Frederick's of Hollywood, Universal Studio's, MCA Records, Winderland Productions, Bill Graham, and so many." I cannot possible name them all but I will say this, "I can give you a sketch, Ink it, color Sep it (up to 12 colors) and deliver it on time every time. I have also donated many of my paintings for the sake of charities which they all have sold giving people the food they needed and shelter. Overall and no I haven't counted my sales but in logo's and t-shirt designs all suitable for silk screen printing my work has been around the world and back several times and I have sold over ten thousand designs or more.
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