Lynn Patricia

Freelance Editor & Content Writer

Location:Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
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You have a story to tell.

I provide not-so-gentle guidance on how to craft your story so that others will find it just as compelling as you do.

Whether it is a website, novel, or résumé, I will review the progression of information, relationships, and events throughout the document.

Does the information flow logically?
Is it interesting?
Is it understandable and relevant?

Get honest and insightful feedback on your work of fiction with special attention to plot consistency, character development, and psychology of the relationships.

Are events consistent from one chapter to the next?
How do the characters relate to each other?
Is there anything missing that would help to clarify the emotional arc of the story?

I’m not a copyeditor or proofreader. Mi grammer ain’t so gud. Call me a book doctor or developmental editor, just call me before you call a publisher. Actually, send an email. It's the fastest way to reach me.
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Content Writing