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Sherril Beaton

Freelance Real Life Painter & Illustrator

Location:Bayville, New Jersey, United States
Phone: 1-609-339-5991
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Member of the "Biltmore's Who's Who" 2012, only "Fine Artist" in the surrounding area, of world wide professionals noted for their quality of work, and helping to make a difference in their community via philanthropic work. I have 20+ years invested in the creation of various types of art and projects. I have a degree (BFA) from FDU, majored in Fine Art and minored in Graphic Art. My love is for visual design of all kinds! Illustration (hand rendered and pc), design of varied products & packaging, Logo and Branding Design, Custom Wall Finish and Hand Painting, Photography, Commissioned Works, Film Props (made and sourced), Set Design and Dressing, Sight-Scene Scout and negotiation, Murals, Trend Projection (photographic memory & power of observation), Jewelry Design and Buying (with international travel and overseas communication for quality control) with trade show design and set up, Furniture Design and Refurbishing, Master Colorist and Custom Mixing Consultant. The "Jane of all trades", known as a quick study, if I do not already know-I'll find out, and love a new challenge, rising to every occasion! You ask me and I deliver, whether in or out of the box, I strive for perfection. I have most enjoyed contributing to others, from a requested mural in a Habitat and M.S. Research, Breast Cancer Research, Family and Children Services (all children with cancer will recieve my services pro bono), Two murals associated with Rutgrs, and have also donated work for local fundraising. Though rare in an artist, I do not take offense to having to re-work a project, for it is my goal to please the client. I can create from start to finish any project, work well under pressure- group or independently, as well as a team player whom takes orders to create another's vision. I gladly negotiate rate, and charities always free. I aim to please with perfection! You can't find what you like , you will easily with me. Strong work ethic and moral background.
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Real Life Painting