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Derek Brown

Freelance Music Producer & Jingle Writer

Location:Scotch Plains, New Jersey, United States
Phone: (908) 339-7120
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D.Roc Music Productions LLC Scotch Plains, NJ

Owner/Music Producer Jan 09 - Present

- Drive all business development activities for self owned music production company providing products and services to the
entertainment and music community
- Responsible for creating, producing and delivering music to meet requirements and deadlines for various clients including
recording artists, management companies, ad agencies, and record labels
- Mix, combine, master and edit recordings to create final copies for commercials, film soundtracks, CDs, computer audio
files, such as wave files or multi-media presentations for later broadcast or retail sale
- Operate recording and editing equipment to record vocals, live instruments,voice overs, and to edit recordings after
- Operate videotape recording and editing equipment to record videos, television programs, concerts and live events, and
to edit videotape after production
- Programing MIDI for music projects, commercials or film post-production
- Ability to Identify audio errors such as high noise floor, truncated audio files
- Oversee development and management of public website; including branding, user experience, editorial/copy editing, and
ongoing performance analytics
- Create, execute and measure ongoing integrated marketing campaigns via email, social networks, blogs, widgets, viral
video, online advertising and newsletters
- Manage all social media marketing activities across more than 15 sites with proven track record of success; includes
utilization of social media measurement applications
- Execute email marketing programs from self obtained contact lists with more than 15,000 unique subscribers
- Coordinate more than 40 live promotional events for artists and entrepreneurs; includes production and distribution of
audio/visual promo materials

Additional Skills:
Proficient in Protools 8, Reason 4.0, 8-24 channel mixing boards, microphones, loudspeakers, recording studio operation, artist
development, vocal production, vocal coaching, stage set up, sound metering, remixing, mixing, and mastering.
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Music Production
Jingle Writing