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Sonja Funnell

Freelance Graphic Designer & Children's Book Illustrator

Location:Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States
Phone: 9204103359
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My name is Sonja Funnell, and I have worked as an illustrator for several authors. My style is a realistic one with dynamic colors, and sometimes surrealistic elements. I am able to create work from completely fantastical to realistic depending on the project. From my different illustration positions, I have created a large amount of realistic work involving drawing humans and animals. I have been illustrating professionally since 2008, along with doing freelance portraits and murals as well. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with a BFA in 2D art and Graphic Design.

Employment History:

Graphic Design (Print) and Prepress at ALS Print Solutions

-Illustrator for book "Because you Serve" by Amy S. Young of Appleton WI (2008)
-Illustrator for book "The Purrfect Tales" by Natasha Grahm of New York (2010)

“The Adventures of Henry” Series by Darrin Anderson:
-Illustrator for book "Timmy the Goat: Spelunking Adventure" by Darrin Anderson (2010)
-Illustrator for book "Mikayla the Wolf" by Darrin Anderson (2011)
-Illustrator for book "Charlie the Camel" by Darrin Anderson (2011)
(website for Adventures of Henry: )
For the book "Because you Serve" I was required to create over 20 interior, full page illustrations, along with the front and back cover. "The Purrfect Tales" required me to create a cover illustration along with interior art. "The Adventures of Henry Series" required me to create 32 full page illustrations for the three books, along with their covers.