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Naveed Mughal

Freelance Graphic Designer & Package Designer

Location:Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 905-791-7946
2 Skills
• Fifteen and half years’ of professional experience in Prepress Industry in different top notch Graphic and Printing organizations of GTA.

• Working knowledge and experience of narrow and wide-web packaging including pressure sensitive labels, poly bags, paper cups, corrugated boxes, rotary screen printing, flexo plate making on one hand and experience of offset printing, that includes brochures, flyers and all kinds of prepress artwork designing on the other hand, with complete knowledge of mechanical techniques and expertise.

• Excellent command on all currently available print media software including Adobe Creative Suite, QuarkXpress & Nexus WF system.

• Capable to improve and/or develop easily applicable job processing system between company departments and CSRs which leads to minimize production errors and time consumption.

• Experienced in flower / product photography and drawing hand sketches / Illustrations / technical Illustrations.

• Enthusiastic, energetic, communicate clearly/sensitively with clients and/or colleagues and working in a team-setting, to meet deadlines.


2009 – Present
Freelance Artist/Designer
• Worked on wide variety of artwork (from start to press/web ready) for different graphic and printing organizations.

2005 – 2008 ASL Group Inc. Bolton, ON
Prepress Person
• Prepared customer supplied art from proofing to final film through Nexus workflow and applied (auto blend) FM dots on below 1% screen and/or sent PSTI files to out-source for digital plating to get excellent colour production results.
• Worked on high-end sophisticated process, multi-colour label on label jobs with raised varnish, embossed printing and/or rotary screen on 12 colour Gallus press (RCS 330) that require high capabilities and years of professional field experience.
• Generated colour, pdf proofs and prepared files for Kodak colour proofing system on final printing stock that represents true pms colours, trapping and screen (AM/FM) dots as on press.
• Performed CT colour separation and recommended colour correction for flexo and converted process colours to spot in Photoshop as desired by engineering department for excellent quality crisp and vibrant printing.
• Worked on wide variety of flexo packaging artwork that includes simple labels, label on label, multi-folded coupons, onserts, pharmaceutical continuous printing, display base wraps, can wraps, envelops etc.

2003 – 2004 Dawn Canadian Labels Inc. Markham, ON
Mac Operator
• Scanned, cleaned and re-created customer-supplied art and prepared for flexo printing.
• Applied trapping manually, as well as through “Nexus workflow”.
• Prepared and stepped art for rotary screen printing.
• Performed CT colour correction/separation, maintained minimum dots, step & repeat as per die/teeth, distortion and other technical steps to output final film.
• Inspected final film outputs thoroughly and forwarded to plate department.

2001 - 2003 GMF Flexo Prepress Inc. Mississauga, ON
Mac Operator / Prepress Person
• Performed preflight of customer-supplied art files and outputted original separation.
• Scanned, modified, added bleeding to art and created die shapes for flexo printing.
• Outputted regular sized, large format low/high resolution colour proofs, generated PDF files and forwarded to related CSRs for customer approval.
• Performed colour separation/correction and maintained minimum dot percentage in required areas.
• Trapped artwork manually, as well as through Nexus workflow, Nexus Edit and/or Art Pro.
• Prepared artwork by adding different customer-specific print marks.
• Performed stepping, distortion, and other essential technical steps to output final film.
• Applied Quantum dots, Stochastic and Platecell patterning screening dots to final film as engineered.
• Performed film output for narrow and wide web printing by using Agfa Avantra and StingRay imagesetters.
• Checked each film output carefully.
• Backed-up and organized electronic job files regularly.
• Achieved knowledge and experience in corrugated packaging artwork.

2001 – 2001 Aries Flexographics Ltd. Mississauga, ON
Mac Operator
• Modified artwork for flexographic printing.
• Performed colour correction, separation, manual trapping, stepping, distortion.
• Prepared final artwork by adding different print marks required by customer.
• Outputted and checked final films.

1998 - 2000 Dawn Canadian Labels Inc. Markham, ON
Prepress Person / Plate Person
• Designed, scanned and created high-end label artwork with white back-up over foil stock or clear.
• Performed colour correction of CT images and maintained min dots as required.
• Created simple and complicated die shapes for labels according to packaging requirements.
• Designed offset artwork for business cards, letter heads, envelopes, brochures and flyers.
• Prepared customer-supplied art for final film output.
• Printed film outputs by using “ECRM Fuji scriptsetter” and made colour water proofs on actual stock.
• Inspected stepping, trapping, distortion and other technical points on final films and forwarded to plate department.
• Made water base photo polymer plates on “Supratech” exposure/washout units and inspected carefully.

1996 – 1998 Bernia of Canada Inc. Mississauga, ON
Senior Graphic Artist
• Created one to four colour process label artwork up to multi colour.
• Designed logos, special die outlines according to the packaging shapes.
• Performed scanning, manual trapping and distortion.
• Made colourkeys and chromolin/press match proofs.
• Inspected carefully all the artwork and negatives of junior artists before sending to the plate department.
• Printed and developed films regularly from Linotype Hell 530 imagesetter and film processor.
• Maintained film and colourkey processor.
• Solved computer related problems.

1995 – 1996 Canada Graphics Centre. Brampton, ON
Graphic Designer & Printing Consultant
• Designed and created four colour process flyers and brochures.
• Performed scanning, repairing/retouching and colour corrections of photographs for Photographic Labs.
• Designed and/or re-created logos, artwork for labels, poly bags and foil stamp printing.
• Achieved knowledge and experience with Bar Coding.
• Gave good suggestions to the clients for perfect printing results.

1994 - 1995 Design Label Systems Inc. Mississauga, ON
Macintosh Operator
• Designed and re-created label artwork.
• Performed colour separation, trapping, stepping and distortion according to the die.
• Created/designed logos from scratch.
• Printed and developed films through Agfa imagesetter and processor.
• Made colour-key proofs.

Software experience:
1. Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design, Acrobat etc.)
2. QuarkXpress
3. CorelDRAW
4. Free Hand.
5. Nexus Workflow / Nexus Edit / Art Pro.
6. Bar Code Pro.
7. MS Word


2005 Chicago, Illinois U.S.
-Nexus basic and advanced training courses

1994 – 1996 Humber College Etobicoke, ON
- QuarkXPress for designers
- Adobe Photoshop for designers
- 3D Basics using Strata StudioPro
- Desktop Publishing and developed skills of Adobe Illustrator
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Graphic Design
Package Design