Bob Stone

Freelance Cartoonist & Graphic Designer

Location:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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Bob W. Pierre
1511 Greenwillow drive.
Conley GA, 30288
Cell: 267. 622 . 5539
Graphic gal:
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Personnel Department

Dear Sir/Madam

I am a highly imaginative and driven designer looking for an outlet or venue to express that energy, discipline and creativity. My journey in the arts has been a challenging, exhilarating, and extremely rewarding experience and I would, more than anything; like to apply all the skills that I've honed, the talents that I've cultivated and the invaluable lessons that I have learned and put them into practice for your firm.

Thank you kindly,

Bob W. Pierre.

Bob W. Pierre
1511 Greenwillow drive.
Conley GA, 30288
Cell: 267. 622 . 5539
Graphic gal:
Art gal:

To obtain a position where my skills, and experience can play a major role in the activities of your firm or company. I leave my ego at the door, there's no position that I believe is beneath me.

Seward Park H.S
New York, New York.
Studied Academia and some art. Graduated.

Work Experience:

Media Masters llc.
Baltimore Maryland.
Position: Desktop Publishing / Graphic designer / Fine Artist.
Duties: I was in charge of a team that created promotional material for the company, including, flyers, brochures, posters, banners, art for the web. I balanced the responsibility of leading the team, with actually designing similar materials myself.

Lower Manhattan Academy of Arts
New York City, New York.
Position: Graphic Design Instructor.
Duties: Through CFSG: the Community Free Software Group, I was extended the privilege and opportunity of teaching Graphic Design to High School students. I taught The Gimp: a free software version of Photoshop, for Linux, as well as Inkscape: the free software version of adobe Illustrator also for Linux.

Spell Signs & Printing.
Queens, New York
Position: Sign Production.
Duties: My duties varied from designing flyers and signs digitally to actually drawing signs and scanning them for manipulation by other artists.
I Also took part in the production of signs and awnings from the designing of the graphics on the computer to the vinyl cutting all the way to producing the sign on the cloth and vinyl materials.

East Coast Media Group.
Queens New York
Position: Desktop Publishing.
Duties: I designed promotional material for the company and it's products. I was also heavily involved in the production of said print material and made copies for walk-in customers as well as repeat clients.
Reason for leaving: The company did not offer opportunity for advancement or more pay. I found employment elsewhere, that would provide what I needed.

Chase Manhattan Bank. (Central New York Headquarters)
New York, New York.
Position: Copy Clerk.
Duties: I made copies of documentation and reproduced books and manuals for the corporate headquarters of the bank. While Each floor of the building had a copy center, our floor had the highest quality and production speed.
Reason for leaving: I only worked there for a few months, it was a temporary position. I was covering for several people who went on vacation.

Freelance Design Work
Con Alas Pintadas
Film Poster.
Client: C. Mark DeGaetani
Details: I designed the Poster (s) for the Feature Film Currently in production in the Dominican Republic, which is to star Tom Sizemore, of Saving Private Ryan fame. I also designed the logos and other artistic material to be used in the film itself. This film is scheduled for Release in Late 2012, early 2013.
The Poster and information on the film can be found @:

The Runner, B'More Edition
Film Posters / DVD Cover / Soundtrack CD Cover.
Client: C. Mark DeGaetani
Details: Available on the shelves at most video stores including BlockBuster Video, I designed the virtually all the graphical material material for the this film, from the Poster, to the DVD cover, to the DVD Interactive menu, to the Cover for the Film's Soundtrack.
Available for purchase online at:

Festival of Horrors
DVD Cover / Art for the DVD interactive Menu.
Client: C. Mark DeGaetani
Details: Available for rent and purchase at BlockBuster, and can also be bought at the Spookymovie Film Festival website as well as, this DVD contains a compilation of Horror Shorts from up and coming slasher film directors. I designed the DVD cover and the artwork used for the Interactive DVD Menu.
This DVD can be found and purchased online at:
and I also designed Volume 2

China White
Film Poster / DVD Cover.
Client: The Robinson Brothers
Details: Available in Blockbuster and on, this was a crime/drama directed by The Robinson Brothers, two up and coming directors on Baltimore's film scene. I designed the DVD cover as well as Two different Posters promoting the Film's Initial release. This film is available for purchase at and other online retailers such as:

Autumn Warrior Music Video
Concept / Story Creation / Storyboarding.
Client: Junior Dexter Coggins
Details: I was involved in the conception, design, and storyboard of the animated Music Video, “The Autumn Warrior” which won the Tribeca Film Festival, Focus Forward Awards in 2006.
The music video can be seen at:
My involvement in the Music Video can be seen in the “Making of”, here:

Skills and Abilities

Other Artistic Abilities:
Drawing: I am also a Fine artist, varying in works of pen and ink to mixed media, and digital painting.

Photo/Video: My skill levels extend to some photography and videography, and I am currently working on a screenplay to direct as my first short film.

Writing: I have written several screenplays which are available for viewing upon request.

I am bilingual: I fluently speak English and Haitian Creole. I can understand and read Traditional French.

Software Knowledge:
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, some 3d Studio Max, some Bryce3d.
Open Office/Libre Office, Celtx, The Gimp, and Inkscape.
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Graphic Design