Nathalie Kornell

Freelance Book Writer & Comedy Writer

Location:Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, United States
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Writing and Movies have been a passion of mine since I was 4 years old. I adored writing great horror classics including all my classmates, who waited eagerly each week as I denounced who had been brutally and savagely murdered, and who was to blame. As I matured my sense of adventure never faltered. I enjoyed travelling all over the world, and with it my love for the cinema came suite. My dreams became a place of wonder and possibilities. I started dancing, singing and acting as much as I could. I loved putting on a show but even more than that, I loved creating and writing it all out so that I could maestro the performance.
A little about me:
I love that i'm french/spanish/american... i love that i grew up in thailand... i love that i've been to 44 countries more than once... i love that i have met some of the most wonderful human beings to have ever graced this earth and i'm lucky for all that i've gotten to live through, experience, pleasure, treasure, wreck, survive, laugh and cry through... i love making my friends laugh, it's the best feeling in the world.
i love butterflies, THAI SANGSOM BUCKETS!! (if you don't know what they are you haven't lived man), moo ping after a night out clubbing, the rush/thrill of intense wind hitting my face, elephants, chopsticks with anything, the thrilling sensation of sand between my toes, running through pouring rainstorms, cosmos/green apple martinis, thunder claps (the really loud ones that you feel in your chest and make you jump), reeeal MAI TAIS, drifting/sailing in the sea, text messages at two in the morning from drunken friends, kao mun gai, sunsets that just hit the horizon, long massages, putting on accents (especially indian/russian/french) and being an alias for a day, karaoke bars, breaking leaves into millions of pieces, hot bubble baths that make your skin wrinkle, getting out of the airport in bkk and having all the disgusting smells and the humidity hit me with a breeze of welcoming anticipation of being home at last !!
i hate being alone, ignorance, stereotypes, superficial people, sub-zero temperatures, reptiles, being forced to do something i don't want to do (i'm stubborn), pastel colors, lime green ANYTHING, jet lag, mud (unless it's playin' dirty) , mosquito bites, snobs/elitists, being called a farang, math, people who whistle indoors, blowdrying my hair, girls who shriek/cry/laugh like hyennas and think that it's cute.

Education : I have a B.A. in English Litterature with a minor in French. I also did extremely well in my term abroad in England where I got a 4.0 on all my drama classes, theatre writing classes and history classes. I have an MBA in International Tourism and Hotel Management. I have a 4.0 in that degree. I am bilingual in French and English. I speak thai and some mandarin. I absolutely love to travel and make people laugh. I am quite a hit on Facebook and have been suggested many times to have my own opening comedy act so that goes to show you how hilarious I truly can be. I have been singing and dancing since I was a kid. I have won competitions and am truly in love with writing my own lyrics.
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Comedy Writing