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Steve Cornish

Freelance Sculptor & Fantasy Artist

Location:Brighton, United Kingdom
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Mould Making and Casting:
Single and multi-piece mould making with an emphasis on life-casting and figurative sculpture.
Mould making with plaster, alginate, fibreglass (GRP), silicone, latex, vinyl and polyurethane resin.
Fiberglass, plaster laminating and casting.
Cold casting resin with metal powders.
Casting in silicone and foam latex, casting dental acrylic.

Good knowledge of human anatomy, able to sculpt from life and to scale.
Creation of silicone prosthetic appliances.
Sculpting in clay, plastellines/chavants and wax.
Hard sculpting in resin, U-POL and plaster.
Armature construction and sculpture fixture and fittings.

Chasing and refinement of resin, plaster and metal sculptures.
Painting and seaming of silicone appliances and sculpts.
Airbrushing, decorative art finishing, waxing and texturing.

Tools and Machinery:
Basic carpentry skills. Competent command of hand tools and workshop machinery: bandsaws, chop saws, sanders, buffers, grinders and pillar drill. Basic wiring.
Good health and safety awareness.


BA Hon's Fine Art Sculpture. Achieved 2:1. Sept 1999 - June 2003. Brighton University.

Foundation in Art and Design. Distinction. Sept 1997- June 1999. Brighton College Tech.

BTEC National Diploma Art and Design. Sept 1989 - June 1991. Reigate School of Art and Design.

GCSE's. Art A, Eng Lang B, Eng Lit B, Maths B, Biol A, Physics A, Design Tech B, Physical Ed B, Geog D. Sept 1985 - June 1989.

Burt Brill and Cardens Award. Brighton Degree Show: 1st Prize Outstanding Artistic Achievement.


Brighton Body Casting/Sculpture Studio. Chief Sculptor/Model Maker
Sept 2007- present. Brighton.

• Mould making/life casting.
• Casting fibreglass resin/plaster models.
• Sculpting.
• Model refinement, decorative finishing and fixtures.
• Preparation of studio materials.
• Studio supplies and inventory upkeep.
• Responsibility for overall studio maintenance, cleaning, and security.
• Supervising and instructing volunteers: demonstrating processes, techniques and materials.

Superior Dental Ceramics. Plaster Room Technician
May 2009 - present. Brighton.

• Fabricating dental devices.
• Vacuum forming and alginate mould making.
• Precision casting of dental moulds in plaster/stone and resin.
• Inspecting models and moulds for accuracy and quality and making corrective adjustments.

Fishtail Neon. Workshop Assistant
Jan 2007- Sept 2007. Brighton.

• Manufacture and repair of neon signs and neon housing.
• Decorative sign writing and technical drawing.
• Workshop maintenance and customer sales.

JAG Gallery. Studio Assistant
Dec 2006 - Sept 2007. Brighton.

• Creating commercial fine art paintings to specification.
• Frame making, picture hanging and studio maintenance.
• Gallery invigilating and customer sales.

ARKA Ecopods Ltd. Decorative Artist
Oct 2006 - Dec 2006. Hove.

• Bespoke papier-mache coffin prototyping.
• Design research.
• Decoration and customization of papier-mache coffins to clients request.

Sandpiper Books Ltd. Bookshop Manager
Oct 2003 - Oct 2006. Brighton.
Sandpiper Books Ltd. Bookshop Assistant
Apr 1998 - Oct 2003. Brighton.
John Latham. Tate Britain Retrospective. Artists Assistant
Apr 2005 - Oct 2005. Voluntary. London.
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Fantasy Art