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Lisa Mary Narramore

Freelance Fantasy Artist & Animal Illustrator

Location:Western Cape, South Africa
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My name is Lisa Mary. I'm an adventurous, island-loving, free-spirited artist from Africa. Drawing is one of my great passions in life and I have many years' experience in various visual art forms. I draw & paint everything & anything that appeals to me... from cartoons to wildlife, pop art to photo-realism. I built my career on wildlife painting, since I was trained in that field and grew up in the wild places. However, my whimsical side constantly drives me to explore the kaleidoscopic fantasies in my head. I feed this need by doing as much illustration work as I can get my hands on. Alongside this, I do calligraphy, which can be integrated beautifully with illustrations.
Something else I find great satisfaction in, is surf art. The surf culture is a huge part of my life, and I find this to be the most popular genre in my community.

As an open-minded and versatile artist, I am constantly exploring new ideas and am completely open to venturing down unchartered paths :)
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Fantasy Art
Animal Illustration