Muthu Kumarasamy

Freelance Writer & Environmental Engineer

Location:Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
2 Skills
Area of Interest:
• Solute Transport
• Water Quality Modeling and Monitoring
• Ph.D in Water Resources Development, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India (Topic: A Study on Pollutant Transport in a stream) Oct 2007
• M.E, Irrigation Water Management, Anna University, Chennai, India (Topic: An analysis on Irrigation Water Pricing) Feb 2001
• B.E, Civil Engineering, VLB J A College of Engg & Tech, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, India Apr 1999
• HSC (Std 12), TN state board examination Mar 1995
• SSLC (Std 10), TN state board examination Apr 1993
Experience: [Research Experience : 5 + Years; Teaching Experience : 4+ Years]

Teaching :
• School of Civil Engineering, Surveying and Construction, University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), Durban, South Africa. Lecturer in Civil Engg Working since Nov 08
Research :
• Water Resources Development and Management, IIT Roorkee, India Research Associate (Temp) From Jan 08 to Sep 08

Research :
• Water Resources Development and Management, IIT Roorkee, India Research Associate (Time bound) From Aug 07 to Dec 07

Research (During PhD studies):
• Water Resources Development and Management, IIT Roorkee, India Research Scholar From Jan 03 to July 07

Teaching :
• Sri Nandhanam College of Engineering and Technology (SNCET), Tiruppattur, Tamil Nadu, India Lecturer in Civil Engg. From Oct 01 to Dec 02.

Subjects Taught
• Civil Engineering Basics [at SNCET]
• Engineering Drawing [at SNCET]
• Fluid Mechanics [at SNCET]
• Fluids 1, Fluids 2 & Fluids 3 (including Hydrology) [at UKZN]
• Hydraulics Lab [at UKZN]
• Environmental Pollution and Control [at UKZN]

Books, Book Chapters Published/edited:
• Muthukrishnavellaisamy. K, (2011) “Simulation of pollutant transport with hyporheic exchange for water resources management”, Current Issues in Water Management. Chapter 7, pp 145-162, November 2011. Edited By: Uli Uhlig, ISBN 979-953-307-673-6, InTech open access publisher, Croatia.

• Edited a Book entitled “Studies on Water Management Issues” ISBN 978-953-307-961-5, InTech open access publisher, Croatia, Published in December 2011

Papers in Journals, Conferences:
• Muthukrishnavellaisamy. K., Saravanan. S & Srinivasan. V (2005) “Development of remote sensing and GIS in runoff estimation for urban area”, J. of Indian Build. Congress, Vol. 12, No. 1, 207-214.
• Purushothaman. P and Muthukrishnavellaisamy. K. (2007) “Phosphorous fractionation in river bed sediments”, ETDCE 07, Depart. of Civil Engg., Govt. College of Engg, Amravati, VII-53 – VII-63.
• Ghosh. N. C., Mishra. G. C. & Muthukrishnavellaisamy. K. (2008) “Hybrid-cells-in-series model for solute transport in streams and relation of its parameters with bulk flow characteristics”, J. of Hydraul. Eng., ASCE. 497-503, April, 2008.
• Muthukrishnavellaisamy. K, Mishra. G. C., Kansal. M. L. & Ghosh. N. C. (2009) “Estimation of stream water quality parameter using regime channel theory”, Environmental Geology, Springer, 899 – 908, Vol. 57 (4), April 2009,
• Purushothaman P and Muthukrishnavellaisamy (2010) "Climate change: understanding the past to predict the future - an overview". National Seminar on Global Warming and its effects on water resources, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Graphic Era University, India, Dec. 3-4 2010; pp- 24-30.
• Muthukrishnavellaisamy Kumarasamy (2011) “Simulation of Spatial and temporal variations of dissolved oxygen in Baynespruit stream, South Africa” 23-25 May 2011, WRM 2011, USA.
• Muthukrishnavellaisamy. K, Mishra. G. C., Ghosh. N. C. & Kansal. M. L. (2011) “A semi analytical solution for non-equilibrium sorption of pollutants transport in streams", J. of Environ. Eng., ASCE, Vol 137, No 11, 1066-1074.
• Muthukrishnavellaisamy. K, Ghosh. N. C., Mishra. G. C., & Kansal. M. L. “Hybrid Model Development for the Decaying Pollutant Transport in Streams", International Journal of Environment and Waste Management, Inderscience Publishers. (Accepted and in Press).

Professional Activities :
• Edited book on “Water Management (with ISBN)” for InTech Open Access Publisher
• Editor for International Journal of Water Quality Monitoring & International Journal of Water Quality Modeling, Association of Water & Enviro-Modeling
• Editorial Review Board Member in Scientific Journal International.
• Reviewer for Environmental Geology, Springer Publications and International Journal of Environmental Science & Technology
• Reviewer for International Journal of Earth Sciences And Engineering –IJEE
• Scientific and Technical Committees & Editorial Review Boards member, World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology

• Life member in Indian Association for Hydrologists
• Who’s who Member in Academic Keys in Engineering


• Windows 95/98/ME/XP.
• MS Office, MATLAB.
• CROPWAT, QUAL 2 E, SPSS, WAPS, Curve Expert

Project work carried/carrying out:

1. Involved in a project entitled “Minimum Flow Requirements of River System for Ecology”
A study has been conducted on water quality modeling in a stream to simulate the concentration of pollutant of conservative and non-conservative type. The study found the minimum flow requirements for maintaining the water quality standard from different considerations such as irrigation, drinking, bathing, industrial and maintaining the ecosystem in the river. In case industrial wastes are disposed the level of treatment and waste assimilating power of the stream is being also considered. The dispersion of various pollutants has been studied using Hybrid Cells in Series Model. The study carried out by predicting the status of water quality subsequently to find the minimum flow in river Brahmani, Orissa.
Funded by : WAPCOS Gurgaon, India
Status of the project : Completed
My Role in the project: Co-Investigator.

2. Sustainability Solutions For iSimangaliso St Lucia Estuarine Lake
iSimangaliso Wetland Park (Lake St Lucia) is South Africa's largest estuarine lake which has been recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The river Mfolozi transports and deposits heavy silt load at the combined mouth of Mfolozi and St. Lucia. The salinity level dramatically increases during drought period. It is currently experiencing serious drought due to climate change and other factors; as a result ecosystem of the lake has got affected by loss of biodiversity. This project aims to develop models for inlet functioning of this unique system with the knowledge of sediment transport along Mfolozi river. It also aims to integrate biophysical response to assist with the sustainable management of the resource. This will help to ensure that the system continues to conserve the biodiversity
Funded by : SANPAD, South Africa
Status of the project : On going
My Role in the project : Co-Investigator

Abstract of Ph.D Thesis: [A Study on Pollutant Transport in a stream]
Considering non-equilibrium sorption of pollutant in each zone of the HCIS model, namely; plug flow and two thoroughly mixed zones of unequal residence time, a semi analytical solution for pollutant transport has been derived using Laplace transform technique. The hybrid cells in series model that incorporates adsorption (HCIS-A) is continuous in time and discrete in space. Response of the HCIS-A model closely matches with the finite difference solution of the differential equation governing advection dispersion and non-equilibrium adsorption.
Considering first order decay at a specific rate, advection and dispersion, using HCIS model, the pollutant transport has been simulated. It is found that the concentration time profile derived from the hybrid cells in series model that incorporates decay (HCIS-D) matches with the analytical solution of advection dispersion decay equation model.
Considering, decay of pollutant, re-aeration and advection dispersion transport in the HCIS model, an analytical solution has been derived for DO deficit. The response of the hybrid cells in series model that incorporate re-aeration (HCIS-R) closely matches with the numerical solution of Streeter-Phelps dispersion model. To demonstrate the flexibility of the hybrid models to incorporate decay and adsorption processes, C-t profiles have been computed using the field data of River Brahmani, in India.

Abstract of M.E Thesis: [An Analysis on Irrigation Water Pricing]
Though our nation has a large supply of water it is not available at the right time and also adequate quantity is not ensured. To overcome this problem the water should be stored and supplied. Generally in most of the command areas the farmers are irrigating more than the required quantity of water to crops with the production of increasing the yield. Hence there exists a typical economic problem in allocating the irrigation water to the formers. An attempt has been made to analyze the agricultural production function and how it relates the inputs and outputs in order to determine the water pricing using the optimal quantum of water applied in the field. A production function curve has been drawn for the variable input (water) and to the corresponding output (yield). The second-degree polynomial equation is obtained and the optimal depth of water has been calculated by production and profit maximization approach with the use of controlled water saving method. And from this a method has been proposed to price for irrigation water.

• Done PhD at IIT – Roorkee & received good grades & comments for thesis.
• Working in Mathematical Modeling for the broad area of Water Quality Modeling and Monitoring in Streams (Pollutant Transport Modeling)
• Have done my Master thesis on” An Analysis on Irrigation Water Pricing” in Krishnagiri Reservoir irrigation command, Tamil Nadu.
• Did mini project work on multipurpose reservoir system of inter connected river basin project (Parambikulam-Aliyar Project) at Masters Level.
• Attended the National Level Training on Water Management for Sustainable Irrigated Agriculture Using Agro-Climatic Data in IIT Roorkee.
• Attended a short term course on STAAD III program in PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu