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Daniel Lauricella

Freelance Audio Editor & Music Producer

Location:Herndon, Virginia, United States
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Mr. Saratak has worked on many successful projects with established artists. Some of which are listed

Release Date. Jul 15, 1997. Label. Elektra. Fallen is Babylon, The Marley's, Grammy Award winning album of the year . Digital Engineer, percussionist, and percussion programming. Fallen Is Babylon (People Get Ready & Day By Day)


Blues Traveler – 1990
Travelers and ThievesReleased: 1991  
Four – 1994
Straight On Till Morning – 1996
Blues Travelor, all three records went gold Four went platt. (digital Enj. & drum reinforcement)

Release Date: 6/22/1993 - Recording Date: 6/1993
Tracks: 15
Length: 01:08:54 Hrs
Label: Mercury Sons of Soul, Toni, Tony, Tonie . Programming & digital Enj.. Sons Of Soul (Wing / Mercury 1993)

1995 Elektra/Asylum . Digital engineer. CLUTCH
Eastwest Records 1995

Released 6/27/95 Gov't Mule. Mike Barbiero. Gov't Mule.

Released 1995 Speedball. Technician Rock with Steve Thompson.
Do Unto Others Then Split Energy

1991-1997 Nickolodean., ( Nick Jingles ) Tom Pomposello .

Label: CPT, Capitol Released: 1996
Genre: Rock Electriclarryland, "Pepper" Number one on billboard charts three weeks after release, Programming , Wrote music for Pepper and The Lords a Monkey.

Wives – Ask Me How.
Go-Kart Records – 015
CD, Album
Country:US Released:1995 Genre: Rock Style: Punk


A few of the artists Danio Saratak worked with over the years

Edwin "Eddie" Jobson (born 28 April 1955) is an English keyboardist and violinist noted for his use of synthesizers. He has been a member of several progressive rock bands, including Curved Air, Roxy Music, U.K., and Jethro Tull. He was also part of Frank Zappa's band in 1976-77. Aside from his keyboard work Jobson has also gained acclaim for his violin playing.

Art Neville (born December 17, 1937) is an American singer and keyboardist from New Orleans. Neville is a part of one of the most famous musical families of New Orleans, the Neville Brothers. He was also a founding member of The Meters

The Rascals- Gene Cornish (guitar) and Dino Danelli (drums). (The Young Rascals) were an American blue-eyed soul group[1] initially active during the years 1965–72. The band released numerous top ten singles in North America during the mid- and late-1960s, including the U.S. #1 hits "Good Lovin'" (1966), "Groovin'" (1967), and "People Got to Be Free" (1968). The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997.

A Tribe Called Quest is an American hip hop group, formed in 1985, and is composed of rapper/producer Q-Tip (Kamaal Ibn John Fareed, formerly Jonathan Davis), rapper Phife Dawg (Malik Taylor), and DJ/producer Ali Shaheed Muhammad. A fourth member, rapper Jarobi White, left the group after their first album but rejoined in 2006. Along with De La Soul, the group was a central part of the Native Tongues Posse, and enjoyed the most commercial success out of all the groups to emerge from that collective. Their innovative fusing of hip hop and jazz has had a lasting impact on hip hop music, helping to expand the art of hip hop production. Many of their songs, such as "Bonita Applebum", "Can I Kick It?", "I Left My Wallet in El Segundo", "Scenario", "Check the Rhime", "Jazz (We've Got)", "Award Tour" and "Electric Relaxation" are regarded as classics.

Run–D.M.C. was an American hip hop group from Hollis, in the Queens borough of New York City. Founded by Joseph "Run" Simmons, Darryl "D.M.C." McDaniels, and Jason "Jam-Master Jay" Mizell, the group is widely acknowledged as one of the most influential acts in the history of hip hop culture.

Michael Barbiero has worked with a number of artists, such as Metallica, Guns N' Roses,[2] Tesla, Cinderella, Blues Traveler, Ziggy Marley, Belouis Some, Cutting Crew, Counting Crows, Scorpions, John Lennon, The Velvet Underground, Alice Cooper, Cypress Hill, Three Doors Down, Thrice, Joe Cocker and Anthrax.
He started as a staff producer for Paramount Records, earning a Grammy nomination at the age of 23 for his production of the Serpico movie soundtrack album. He later went on to sign Stephanie Mills to her first recording contract. He then specialized as a remixer in the disco era, and employed his engineering talents on 12" remixes and singles for artists like Whitney Houston, Jackie Moore, Dan Hartman, Gonzales, The Spinners, Aretha Franklin, The Jacksons, Melba Moore, Joe Simon, Madonna, Earth, Wind and Fire, Mick Jagger and Simply Red.

Steve Thompson is an American record producer, Having worked with Guns N Roses, Madonna, John Lennon, Wu Tang, Korn, Cutting Crew, Belouis Some, Public Enemy, Whitney Houston, Metallica and Red Hot Chili Peppers this multi-Grammy recipients discography reads like an A-list of the who’s who of music. Thompson has earned countless award nominations over the course of his career and is acknowledged in the sale of over 200 million records worldwide. A native New Yorker, Thompson’s youth was spent playing guitar in local Madonna bands.
Nonetheless, his passion, finely tuned ear and never ending drive for good music captured the attention of legendary music moguls [[David Geffen]] and Clive Davis who both mentored Steve early in his career. It was Geffen’s label that gave Thompson his first real break in the rock genre, bringing him aboard as mixer on Appetite for Destruction, Guns N Roses breakout LP. Thompson’s work is continuously referred to as innovative and revolutionary. Appetite for Destruction was hailed as the ground-breaking album that took the rock world by storm. It went on to sell over 30 million units, earning Thompson the prestigious diamond award honoring sales in excess of 10 million records, his second one to date.
He's a long-time collaborator with mixing engineer Michael Barbiero, with whom he shares credits in top-selling albums such as Appetite for Destruction by Guns N' Roses and The Great Radio Controversy by Tesla. He mixed Metallica's 1988 Album ...And Justice for All (album).
Along with Barbiero he has completed remixes for some of the world's top acts including a-ha and David Bowie & Mick Jagger's take on "Dancing in the Street"

Michael Trent Reznor (born May 17, 1965) is an American multi-instrumentalist, composer, record producer, and leader of industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails. Reznor is also a member of How to Destroy Angels alongside his wife, Mariqueen Maandig, and Atticus Ross. He was previously associated with bands Option 30, Exotic Birds, and Tapeworm, among others. Reznor left Interscope Records in 2007, and is now an independent musician.
Reznor began creating music early in his life, and cites his Western Pennsylvania childhood as an early influence. After being involved with a number of synthesizer-based bands in the mid-80s, Reznor gained employment at Right Track Studios in Cleveland, Ohio and began creating his own music during the studio's closing hours under the moniker Nine Inch Nails. Reznor's first release as Nine Inch Nails, Pretty Hate Machine (1989), was a commercial and critical success, and he has since released seven major studio releases. Outside of Reznor's chief project Nine Inch Nails, he has contributed to many other artists' albums, including Marilyn Manson and Saul Williams. In 1997, Reznor appeared in Time magazine's list of the year's most influential people, and Spin magazine described him as "the most vital artist in music."

Tom Pomposello (July 17, 1949 – January 25, 1999) was an American roots musician, notably playing and recording with country blues musician Mississippi Fred McDowell,[1] who also worked as a cable television and advertising producer for clients like Nickelodeon, Nick-at-Nite, and MTV.[2] He died in a car accident outside of Kingston, New York in January 1999.
Born and educated on Long Island, New York, Pomposello had an early affinity towards music, eventually teaching himself the guitar, bass guitar, harmonica, mandolin, dulcimer, and dobro. Getting caught up in the pop music revolution that swept the world in the wake of The Beatles, he had a particular interest in blues-based English bands like The Animals and The Rolling Stones, which led to a lifelong passion for American blues.
After a brief thought of joining a seminary, Pomposello married young and had a son, Travis. Needing to earn a living without a college education, he teamed up with a close friend, Rob Witter, and opened a "hippie" record store in Huntington, New York. Emblematic of the times, the two named their business 'Kropotkin Records' (for anarchist Peter Kropotkin), and it distinguished itself from other, similar stores of the era for avoiding the sale of ********* ************* and concentrated instead on its owners enthusiasm for the rise of the album era of music, rock and otherwise. Soon after the opening of the business, Pomposello earned his permanent stage name, “Honest” Tom Pomposello, when running for office as Huntington’s Receiver of Taxes.
Pomposello started flirting with the idea of recording his own music as early as 1970. He introduced himself to legendary country blues musician Mississippi Fred McDowell, which led to gigs as McDowell's bass guitarist in New York City, famously in November 1971, when the two were recorded live in concert at The Gaslight Cafe for radio station WKCR by host Fred Seibert. The tapes eventually surfaced around the world on vinyl in 1972, when Pomposello and Seibert (with partner Dick Pennington) started Oblivion Records. Originally conceived as a vehicle for Pomposello's music, the vision of the company expanded when the commercial potential of McDowell's final recording was considered.
Four Oblivion releases later (he also produced and played bass guitar on Blues from the Apple) it was time for Pomposello’s first solo album.‘’Honest Tom Pomposello’’ was an album that started out as a blues record and ended up as a true Americana roots recording. Ten tracks recorded over three years, in five locations, and various configurations of nine musicians, the music was a sweep of folk, blues, and R&B.[6]
In the early 1980s, Pomposello melded his performance abilities with his extensive musical scholarship. He toured of New York public high schools, under the auspices of BOCES of New York State (Board of Cooperative Educational Services), teaching students the history of American blues. Simultaneously, he taught music as a professor at Five Towns College in Long Island, New York.
Blues is an itinerant profession at best, and by 1984, Pomposello found himself employed in New York City as a producer at Fred/Alan, Inc., the advertising agency started by former MTV executives Alan Goodman and Fred Seibert (also Tom’s partner in Oblivion Records). He was able to use his music skills as the soundtrack producer of the groundbreaking Nickelodeon network identifications. Adding animation and television production to his skills, he quickly produced hundreds of spots for Nickelodeon (many featuring The Jive Five), Nick-at-Nite, as well as a music video with James Brown and Afrika Bambaataa for Fred/Alan’s client Tommy Boy Entertainment.
After leaving Fred/Alan in 1989, Pomposello incorporated as Pomposello Productions, concentrating on advertising and television branding, and to pursue personal projects.
Pomposello recorded several albums in various blues oriented styles, focusing on his custom made, Mandolin Brothers dobro playing. Simultaneously, he was rediscovering his spiritual roots through the nuns of the Abbey of Regina Laudis, recording several CDs of their Gregorian chant.

Jordan "Jerry" Ragovoy (September 4, 1930 – July 13, 2011) was an American songwriter and record producer.
His best-known composition "Time Is on My Side" (written under the pseudonym of Norman Meade) was made famous by The Rolling Stones, although it had been recorded earlier by Kai Winding and Irma Thomas. Ragovoy also wrote "Stay With Me", which was originally recorded by Lorraine Ellison, and was performed by Mary J. Blige at the 49th Grammy Awards.
An important behind-the-scenes force of East Coast soul music, Ragovoy wrote or co-wrote several classic New York and Philadelphia soul records in the 1960s, often distinguished by a conspicuous gospel feel. The best of these included Garnet Mimms' "Cry Baby," Erma Franklin's "Piece of My Heart," Howard Tate's "Get It While You Can," all later covered by Janis Joplin, plus "Time Is on My Side" and "Stay With Me." Ragovoy also contributed to first-class soul records as a producer and arranger.

Eric Vietnam Sadler- (The Bomb Squad) is an American hip hop production team, known for their work with the rap group Public Enemy. The Bomb Squad are noted for their dense, distinct, innovative production style, often utilizing dozens of samples on just one track. They are also known for their ability to incorporate harsh, unmelodic sounds and samples into their songs, generally enhancing them.
Members of the Bomb Squad are:
? Hank Shocklee
? Keith Shocklee (Credited as Keith Matthew Boxlee)
? Chuck D (Credited as Carl Ryder); also member of Public Enemy
? Eric "Vietnam" Sadler
? Gary G-Wiz (Gary Rinaldo)
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Music Production