Gaynor Colbourn

Freelance Music Producer & Television Producer

Location:United Kingdom
2 Skills
Gaynor Colbourn is a classically trained pianist, and the composer of the bulk of the music. She is the producer and sound engineer for all the music which they both write and perform. Gaynor qualified as a Classical Pianist, but went straight on the road with a heavy rock band called Fusion, learning the ropes the hard way. At that time her equipment was a Hammond C3, a Leslie 760, a Hohner Pianette, and 2 mellotrons, ( and 2 roadies). Her classical training blended well with the rest of the band, and she learned a lot about performance as well as composing and playing. Fusion, who were a five piece band with two drummers toured extensively, playing huge venues to audiences of many thousands, and alongside very well known bands of the time. The music they played was not that dissimilar to the Symphonic Metal of Opeth. She enjoyed several years of this, before becoming a session musician and composer.