minyoung Isabella Jeong

Freelance Children's Book Illustrator & Video Editor

Location:New York, New York, United States
2 Skills
Having a background in computer graphic design,fine art, animation production leadership and management, makes me confident with my ability to bring out satisfaction in graphic designing. My constructive traits include creativity, professionalism and patience.

Beauty and relaxation is shown extensively in my graphic art work, painting and crafts.
My sensation of art, color, and composition will take out the best, in the internal space. Every part that will be touched will be planned and will have its own story. I have a property to match any theme and arrange composition accordingly. You can be assured that I will be an enjoyable, valiant and reliable person in the situation and environment.

Being a designer of only words is not the goal. I think design as a continuation of learning and studying process. My everyday efforts give birth to new and innovative techniques and ideas.
My years of international experience and my inner curiosity depict my undivided attention to market analysis, culture, economic and interior. No efforts have been spared to develop potential, but to be a better person. I have worked considerably in places relation to gaining more experience and skill, and have completed certificate courses in areas such as Barista, Storytelling etc.

Having excellent communication skills and the eye to view even the simplest things uniquely makes me a multiplayer. I am well set and ready to embark in my career. It is my goal to combine my ability, knowledge, passion and range of experience to be a compassionate graphic designer who will make a positive contribution to you and your family.
With my variety of cultural taste and social experience, there is no doubt that I can deliver a perfect job to you.