HanaSara Ito

Freelance Article Writer & Telemarketer

Location:Missoula, Montana, United States
2 Skills
AV Aid/Head Summer AV Coordinator August 2010 to August 2011
Coordinated teams to carry out work orders, ran inventories and remained on call for any tech emergencies. Set up any and all technology required for summer school and various visiting programs.

Lifeguard/Teaching Assistant (Marine Science) June to July 2011
Traveled with class on field trips as acting Lifeguard/First Aid administrator, ran errands and made copies, assisted teacher during class time, coordinated and carried out food and water orders on field trip days, ran errands, made copies, assisted grading papers.

Ka Makani Kids Camp Counselor July to August 2011
Responsible for 6-7 5-year-olds for 8 hours a day. On duty Lifeguard/First Aid administrator, coordinated naps, food, and water, and programmed activities and reserved spaces. Engaged in and planned educational play, as well as excursions and activities. Primary resource and caregiver for specific group; disciplinarian as needed.

Obama For America Fall Organizing Fellow Sep. to Dec. 2011

Used various social Media Networks to spread the message of Barack Obama to fellow students/ educated them on the policy that his administration has passed and is looking to pass in the future. Outreached via phone and face to face meetings at high traffic events while also registering others to vote. Built a neighborhood team on the University of Montana campus to help elect Barack Obama President in 2012. Became educated on the policies of Barack Obama and his administration/educated others.
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Article Writing