Annamarie Kotze

Freelance Personal Assistant & Secretary

Location:Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
2 Skills


NATIONALITY: South African

LANGUAGE: Afrikaans (home language)
English – Excellent

MARITAL STATUS: Widowed with 3 children (2 sons aged 34 and 28 & 1 daughter aged 23)

HEALTH: Excellent

INTERESTS/HOBBIES Reading, good music, sewing, movies and cooking.

EDUCATION: Matriculated 1970 – Nassau High School, Mowbray

COMPUTER LITERATE: Windows XP Professional, Windows 2003, Office Professional, Office 2007 and Office 2010; WordPerfect, AJS, QuickBooks, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, (120 words per minute).

MOTIVATION: I wish to mention that although I am 58 years of age – I am a strong, healthy, positive person who loves live and working with people. I have own reliable transport. With my knowledge and experience I believe I could be a great asset to your firm.

Salary: Negotiable



I have been involved in this Group of Companies since 1 June 2007 in the capacity as minor Shareholder and Administrative Director, serving on the Executive Committee, attending to all the relevant duties as required by the Administration Department, such as heading the administrative running of the company, involvement in all the meetings in respect of the planning, financial management, negotiations with Banks as well as obtaining funding and coal resources with inter alia Government Departments, Para-Statles, private companies and Financial Institutions. My portfolio also included the personnel. I am a registered Agent at CIPC and attended to the reservation and registration of new Companies and Close Corporations, appointing new directors with CIPC and related matters. I was involved in the Company Secretarial matters during this period as well.

This company has developed and optimized an alternative power generating Unit which targets the mining industry to generate electricity at the mines by using waste coal powder.

Further funding is now required to build and commercialize these units. With the current economic situation locally and abroad it is very difficult to find the necessary funding for such a project. The board has decided to place the project on hold until such time as funding may become available. I have been placed in a position obtain alternative employment as I lost my husband in January 2010 and need to find a source of income.

Prior to the above, I have been doing temporary work from home for approximately one year for certain of attorneys mentioned in my list of references.


1 September 2002 to 28 February 2007: THERON & PARTNERS, STELLENBOSCH
Legal Secretary and Personal Assistant to Mr Jacques Theron AND Office Manager

As personal Assistant to Mr Theron: I arranged his diary and attended to all Supreme Court matters and Magistrate Court matters, as is the normal responsibility of a Legal Secretary. I was expected to work independently which enjoyed and was capable of doing. I was able “run” the practice during periods when Mr Theron was away on leave and out of the office for business purposes. My duties included arranging his dairy, traveling bookings - this included scheduling appointments with advocates, attorneys, clients, arranging round table conferences, taking down minutes of meetings where applicable and keeping all files in neat order. I had to prepare documents for discovery; prepare various Court Notices, diarising files and following up deadlines on various court procedures. I have a very good knowledge of all Court documents and have excellent administrative and communication skills and am a very positive, hardworking loyal and committed person.

Furthermore I was involved with debtors and creditors by following up payments outstanding to the firm as well as ensuring that debtors were paid. The 2 junior secretaries as well as the receptionist reported directly to me and I further assisted/trained 3 Articled Clerks. We were involved in the Supreme Court litigation between the Seven Eleven Franchisee’s Associations vs. Seven Eleven Corporation SA where 78 franchisees entered into (Supreme Court litigation) joint action. A further part of my duties were to morally support the unfortunate clients who stood to lose their whole life savings. This action caused clients to have an enormous trust in the firm and brought all their other litigation to us.

Theron & Partners had quite a large number of Supreme Court matters to which Mr. Theron attended and which I assisted him with. This was a very busy practice which is evident from the above. I took the initial telephone instructions, ascertained what the prospective client’s problems were and set up meetings between Mr Theron and the clients. In instances were these clients were upset by the litigation in question, I was able to calm them down and give them some comfort without giving them legal advice- as I am obviously not permitted to do. I was also requested to do certain “casual” letters to clients, correspondents etc, which took some of the workload off the attorney. I had to resolve all queries as far as I could and thereafter refer it to the Senior Partner should it become necessary.

I was also responsible for registering New Companies and Closed Corporations and have dealt a lot with Cipro / CIPCin this regard.


I was offered a key position at ACT with a larger salary.


1 November 2001 to 31 August 2002: ALLINAD MARKETING

I was responsible for the managing and admin pertaining to a retail store in Canal Walk, Century City as well as employing, training and motivating agents for direct marketing. Arranging promotions and shows where the agents may promote medical products. An internal staff of 4 and external sales staff of 10 people reported directly to me. Due to the Rand value plunging at the end of 2001 and the fact that all products where imported, the business did not appear as viable as we originally thought it would be.

1 November 1996 to 30 October 2000: MASKEW MILLER LONGMAN:

Legal Department:

I was responsible for drafting Publishing Agreements between Publishers and Authors and attending to the administration pertaining to this. Preparing and attending to the signature of the publishing agreements (liaise with authors where they wanted clauses and conditions amended). Preparing and attending to royalty payments, capturing and updating author details on computer, resolving authors’ queries relating to accrued royalties advances on requesting copyright. Traveling between Cape Town and Johannesburg presenting regular workshops to publishers at Midrand, relating to contractual and copyright issues. Acting as PRO and where authors were unhappy about certain issues resolving these issues. I had to work independently and on own initiative and discretion.


Directors of Allinad are personal friends of mine and wished me to establish a Franchise in medical instruments in Cape Town. This was an excellent opportunity to enhance my communication skills.


Paralegal: Divorce proceedings; Sequestrations; Liquidations; Conveyancing Divorce matters and other Supreme Court Litigations. General Office administration i.e. accounting. Liaising with clients, Attorneys, Advocates, Registrars and the Master of the Supreme Court. Magistrate’s Court litigation. Here I had to work independently as well.


The Practice was sold and Mr. Poole intended relocating to the UK.


Paralegal: Attended to similar matters as above

1982-1988: BOERESAKE

Personal Secretary to the Regional Sales Manager: for 1 year – I was then promoted to Buyer where I successfully negotiated and did the relevant admin pertaining thereto i.e. costing, expediting etc for 5 years.

1977-1982: OLD MUTUAL

New business clerk in financial
Service Department

Was involved in Marketing, following leads setting up appointments and advising clients on various services/policies we had to offer.
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Personal Assistance