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Freelance Artist & Book Illustrator

Location:Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
2 Skills
One high detailed single character shot (one pose on a blank background)
$100CAD Grey scale
$170CAD Color

Character sheet (3 portrait shots and 2 character poses on blank background)
$130CAD Grey scale
$200CAD Color

Turn around sheet (5 turns of the same pose and 5 dynamic portrait shots on blank background)
190$CAD Grey scale
260$CAD Color

Anything with a detailed background/action posses or group shots are automatically 500$CAD this would be art similar to cover work or poster work.

I usually ask for half upfront and half on completion per projects that are under 1500$CAD, not per sheet depending on how large the project is I can break it up more. Generally with projects over $1500CAD I ask for a 30% deposit and break it up into 3 to 4 payments after that.


I don't do just pencil and inking I digitally paint the page fully. You can see some of my past comic work here for insight into what I mean. I have new sequential pages to show that are not on any of my threads. Please email me for a private viewing of my new stuff..

My rates for a comic issue:

With comics my medium is usually digital painting with some slight line work, if your looking for pencil and ink. Unfortunately my work is a more fleshed out style. I usually paint every panel on each page that I do. So if your looking for something different I am open for the work in a couple months. Comic books seems to be the main thing I get commissioned for these days and so I will not be able to take on a major commitment until the December/January. So if people are passionate about having me on their project I ask that they put a 30% deposit down to lock me in to anything in the future. This also insures that when the new year rolls around you are still invested, since if I have a signed contract and a deposit I confidently can turn any other interested parties away. In the past I have been left in the lurch because people have lost interest in the project by the time my schedule opens up to do it. This puts me in a bad spot if I have been turning people down for a few months because I thought work was lined up. So in short the deposit and contract is an insurance policy that we will be working together when the time comes.

Rule of thumb, I usually get deposits in from writers 4-5 months before the start date of most of my comics now. My schedule with comics/graphic novels is booked sometimes a year in advance, since most of my comics series run 8-10 issues long. One comic book series for me is usually a 2-4 year commitment and I really have to manage my time well between different projects. I have 3 comic projects on the go and I just barely hit deadlines. If I have no pressure happening at the time a comic book will normally take me 6 months to do. If I do have more then one on the go it will most likely take 8-9 months for a 22-32 page comic. My best advice for people seeking artists is not to expect a fast turn around, Go for 2-4 pages a month. Any more then that and the pages turn to crap and you burn the artist out.

So will be taking on new comics around April 5th 2012

So before we get into the details think about these things first.

-Can I make a 30% deposit on a 22-34 page comic?
-Can I wait until April to see any work get started?
-Am I prepared to pay 150$CAD -up to- 250$CAD per page?

If you said no to anyone of those then I am probably not the artist for the project and I wish you all the luck in the world.

If yes to all three of those things then by all means we can discuss your projects needs at full length.

The rates>

For high DPI work where I would need to be doing the lettering and bordering as well, your looking at around 170$-180$CAD per gray scale page/with 4 to 5 panels per page. The thing about comic books is that they are the most time consuming work out of all the other types of concept work in the industry. It is because it all has to flow, and I would be working on it all myself instead of just penciling or inking and then handing it over to someone else. So in the long run each page is probably cheaper than having to hire on a whole crew. Someone for penciling, someone for inking and then someone for coloring and lettering each page this type of thing can get pricey, so my method works well with indie comic book writers.

I don't work on any project for royalties alone. If the profit sharing is considerably generous included with my page rates above, I will consider giving discounts on a per page rate. Or discounts on extra things, like covers and character sheets, that you may need to advertise the comic with. As examples, this may be something like 5-10$ off every 5th page, or a couple free character sheets. With royalty sharing I usually go out of my way to see it get to comic cons and that I partner up with you, the writer, to see it be introduced to the world. On the whole I don't really need royalties on top of my page rates, but it does make me invested in the project like a partner. So it’s something to consider.

If your budget is really low per page I would suggest these things.

-Get a letterer at a later date.

-Opt for just a black and white comic; this would cut a big chunk of the fee out. If you really want color spring for a really eye catching cover on the comic in full color.
That or save up and get someone to color the comic later on. (which your already doing)

-Go for a low DPI>>>this is the one that will probably be cheap now but later on bite you in the butt. With a lower DPI it makes it really hard for the printers to work with and in most cases you will lose quality in the printing possess.

-You could always shorten the number of pages as well to fit within your budget.

-Just hire me out for 1-2 pages a month.

22 pages:

With the 170-180$CAD page rates making a 22 page gray scale comic your looking at 3740$ -to-3960$ (not including cover) for gray scale/digital painted pages depending on what I have stated above. So 30% down would be 1200$

How long does it take to complete a page? Well its give and take really, some pages take longer while others only a day. Sometimes we get behind and sometimes we get way ahead. It usually balances out over time.

Every once in a while a writer will come along and want to hire me out for 2-3 months. This usually saves them money, since uninterrupted work usually generates more pages. So you have the option of hiring me out for the month at 2200$CAD.

(I am available to get snapped up for the month of April 2012 but I would need a deposit down as soon as possible since I have a few other possible projects gunning for the same spot so basically whoever can get themselves locked in to a contract first gets the month. I can have a speedy turnaround on small things like character sheets or cover pages and in the mean time we would go over the contract/finalized agreements and then start in on the script and the character bios so I can have a confident start once I finally do put pen to tablet.

My character turn arounds are 500$CAD for a set of 5 (2 poses and 2 facial expressions B&W per character)
120$CAD on their own.
Logos are 100$-300$ depending on whats needed of me.

For colored comic pages.

Ok so, just as an example of what type of an undertaking a comic book can be, I am only one person. A lot of the time people hire on a comic crew. Somebody would do the penciling and then someone would ink it and then we would have someone come along and color it. Then it would get handed over to the editor and the person in charge of the word bubbles and fonts. Then sizing would happen and eventually the completed page would head over to the printers. For me as one freelancer alone to do pretty much every aspect of the comic… I would need to make sure I am thinking about the time it would take to complete each page. So, I would charge the prices I would ask if a comic crew had hired me on for one aspect of the job. And then add all the categories up.

At high quality and depending on how many panels/frames in a page>>>>

Ink/Greyscale tone work= 170$-180$

Color = 35$

And then add on the Lettering/Sizing and boarders = 10/hour

AND edits which in itself needs to be discussed=TBD

If it goes higher then 5 panels a page I ask for 16$ every extra panel.

So around 210-260$CAD for colored work depending on how many panels per page. Making a colored 22 page comic will be $4620-to-$5720 with 30% down $1300-to-$1700CAD


Here are some questions that I would need answered before I can give you a page rate that suites your projects needs.

-Does this need to be at 300DPI?

-When's the start date?

-When's the due date?

- How many pages a month?

-Would you be willing to do monthly payments. It’s much like a car payment for some of my indie writers except a comic has the possibility of profit once the project is complete, where as a car would just depreciate.

-If your thinking about profit sharing, what type of % are you thinking about to bargain out?


Cover Work

Cover work usually takes 2.5 the amount of work as a normal comic page so your looking anywhere from 400-550$ for comic cover work.


Here are some things that you should know before we can go any farther.

-The rates that I give include 2 major edits to each image after that I charge by the hour. (16$per hour) I like to get as much reference material from you and I ask many questions so that we have little or no edits off the bat so this should not be a big concern to you. I also will get a hold of you about such matters long before I start logging my hours. If the panel limit exceeds 5 panels I charge 16$ per every extra panel.

-After the edits and a payment plan is agreed upon you would then draft up a contract and then mail 2 signed copies to me, one of which I would sign and mail back to you. Nothing fancy just has to be what we discussed and agreed upon in writing and signed by both parties.

-I take a small % upfront to lock in all agreements. (non-negotiable) With the payment plan I have discussed above this will already be taken care of through the payment for the first handful of pages. Work could not start until the first deposit has passed through to my bank securely or has reached me in some way. Also work could not start until we both have signed contracts.

I hope this information has been helpful and that I have not scared you away with my rates. I know working within a certain budget can be very stressful. Given the economic times, I am more then willing to talk about ways that we can make this work, within reason.

I have included some older sequential page samples and 8 pages of 2 comics I am currently working on at the bottom.

H Rorke
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