Steven Brown

Freelance Script Writer & Song Writer

Location:Newark, Delaware, United States
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Steven Brown
Professional Profile:
Creative professional with extensive project experience from concept to development. Talents include writing, directing, and filming. I have written, directed, and produced my own high school musicals as well as my 8th grade musical in 2008. I have worked as a journalist in my school paper for four years and eventually became editor. I have amazing leadership qualities, and ready for any challenge life throws at me. I love collaborating, and working with groups, and I am a pleasure to get along with in a social and professional level. I have also written and filmed my own web series online.
Relevant Experience:
• Project Development
Collaborated with team of writers in the development of one of the front page new article in journalism class.
• Project Management
Worked directly with parents, teachers, students, clubs, and community groups to produce one of my high school shows.
• Secretary Work
Worked as a secretary for 1 year at Millville Public Library.
Excel in writing
Proficiency in handling paper work
Conflict resolution
Quick learner
Computer proficient (Microsoft Office)
Strong verbal communication
Lead Editor 09/11-Contuning
MSHS Journalism IV-Millville NJ
After four years of working in writing, I finally was rewarded as lead Editor of my high school newspaper my senior year. Though I had to edit everyone's work who had major articles I still had to develop story ideas to run as well as determine what photos where in on what page, and what photos were out.

2012 Millville Senior High School-Millville NJ
I am currently attending my senior year of high school, but have been accepted in The LA Film School, and will be attending August 27th.
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Script Writing
Song Writing